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How to load ripped gba music correctly in DAW?

Started by korehanandesyou, January 20, 2022, 03:07:30 PM

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problem solved. Here is how I do:
first you convert the .SF2 soundfont to a .dls soundfont with an Awave Studio, then in FL studio you go file - import - midi file... and import the .mid file you ripped, then in Channel type choose "MIDI Out with Fruity LSD", then open the .dls you just converted inside Fruity LSD and there you go.

--------Original Post---------

So I've been trying to learn from old game music, and just ripped some musics from old gba roms with gba_mus_rip, and I've already got the .mid files and .sf2 files.

And it can be played correctly with Foobar 2000 and MIDI Player 20.4.2 (Took me some time here, because the latest version doesn't support the BASSMIDI anymore). By work correctly I mean it sounds the same like in real game.

So far everything is good, but then I can't get it load correctly in my DAW. The DAW I use is FL studio 20. And I tried like a dozen of plugins but none of them worked correctly.

The plugins I tried like DSK SF2, cakewalk sfz, FL Soundfont player(can't even load the .sf2 file up) kontakt 5, sforzando(alerts me that ARIA cannot find certain sound while dropped the .sf2 file),and a lot of free vsts from plugins4free labeled sf2 player, and the Falcosoft bassmidi. Most of them seems can't even recognize multiple midi channel.

Please help!

I'll post some files I ripped here in case anyone wants to test them out
(if the link died, you can rip it yourself, it's the song009.mid from Summon night: Swordcraft story 2)

and you can find a reference track here: