Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.

Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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Quote from: Retrolife on March 13, 2022, 10:41:50 AM
We need a Dragon Power nes hack as a Tribute to the fallen Master Roshi&Bulma(voice actors) the Hack should make it closer to the anime such as name corrections characters look like the anime chiptunes from the series and much more content that follows the anime

That and fix up the translation. The game doesn't look well translated in some parts, sadly.


So, there's a fully functional Password Screen in Cooly Skunk

After you clear an island, you can see a password.

According to Cooly Skunk's TCRF page:
QuoteDuring gameplay, you're given passwords to use, but there's nowhere to actually use them. A password input screen does exist in the ROM as level ID 32, and functions perfectly if accessed.

Pro Action Replay code 7E1F0120 will take you to this screen, though be sure to disable it afterward.

Is there somehow a way to add it to the title screen under the Start option? Something like this?

In the text file for Psyklax's English translation, it says this:
QuoteA big thing to mention is the password system. On the map
screen you can display a simple password, but the title
screen has no option. Why? Well, in the ROM, I found the
tilemap for that screen layer, both with the "continue"
option and without. There is an instruction that loads the
one without it, but a quick search didn't yield the other.
Apparently the game was released as a trial version on the
Satellaview for people to download, so obviously the option
to continue was removed. I wonder if there's a way to
reinstate the password option, but for now I've left it as
it is.

I have no idea where to even begin for this sort of thing.

Regardless, I do recommend using the following Game Genie Codes (Credit: RetroCheats):
* 8297-540D (Infinite Lives)
* CE07-5D01 (Infinite Health)


I am a long-time Mega Man fan, and as much as I love the classic and X series, I feel that the Zero series has the most compelling and technical gameplay. That being said, replays of Zero 1-4 can be a bit tedious since there are fairly frequent story sequences, brief segments that require running about the resistance base and talking to NPCs, etc. I wonder if somebody might be able to come up with a patch that would allow the games to flow like the classic or X series.

For example:

- Title screen
- Intro stage
- Boss select (either four, or eight)
- Mid-point stage
- Boss select (remaining stages)
- Final dungeon sequence
- End

Also, it would be really excellent if the upgrades could be scattered and hidden around the stages, rather than requiring e-crystals and elf levelling, etc. Or just remove the upgrades altogether. The difficulty is part of the appeal!

As somebody who knows nothing about hacking, this seems like a big project, but I thought it would be worth sending the idea out into the ether.  :laugh:


Instead of an MR1 Seasonal Shrine, I had an idea for something called a Random Shrine for both it and MR2 that picks a random monster regardless of the breeder's name, the current week/month/season/year, etc. while skipping the "Remove disc and insert another disc.", "Scanning..." and "Replace scanned disc with game disc." lines of dialogue. Though, the usual messages for locked monsters will appear if a locked monster is picked. Plus, like MR1&2DX, it would add monsters like Axer, Mt. Tecmo, and Diskarma, along with alternate versions of existing monsters with the ??? Sub-Type like a blonde Anguish, a Neon with white flowers, and Gold Wolf, all placed behind Radial and White Mocchi in the respective games in main type order. The MR2 version of the Random Shrine, however, is incompatable with the Seasonal Shrine hack made by STARWIN. But, it is compatable with the Swim Bug Fix he also made. With both, no longer do you have to scan music CDs, PS1 game discs, etc. to get a monster. All you need is a legit copy of Monster Rancher or Monster Rancher 2, the patch you need, and PPF-O-Matic. That's it.

And that's my idea. I based it on the Random button found in the Shrines of Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX for Switch, iOS, and Steam.


The romhack known as SMB3 Extended Edition has a bit of a love or hate relationship with players, and mostly due to how the lost levels were placed and implemented I think.

Maybe a redo is in order if somebody wants to implement Beta Elements in another way?


Another idea of mine is a version of Super Mario World that adds over 50 new levels, brings the maximum total of exits to 200, has a Moon World, features eight playable characters for One Player and Two Players (Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Toadette), readds stuff cut from the final game (including cut stuff from the gigaleak), adds alternate versions of the ending/credits depending on which character fights Bowser, fixes bugs and errors (i.e.: Iggy's hair, Magikoopa's colors, Yoshi's arms, Bowser's skin, etc.), adds stuff from the Super Mario Maker series (i.e.: Desert music, Forest music, Airship music, Spikes, Rocky Wrenches, etc.), features rematches against the Koopalings and Bowser, adds the Fall versions of Pokey and Galoomba from Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World, and more all wrapped up in a 4MB ROM.


Perhaps somebody could do a palette restoration for FFV on GBA? Compared to FFVI, I know the saturated colors aren't so jarring on FFV, given it's a more light-hearted game as it is, but adding an LCD filter to balance it out is a bit of a hassle for me to set up, and I reckon someone else out there shares that sentiment.


Does anyone happen to know of any, or would be able to create a ROMhack for this game? It's a bit of a diablo clone but it's genuinely one of my favorite games of all time, and It has so much potential to be even better than it is. The main features I'd love to see are expanded save slots, as the game is there are only 4 available, but there are 8 total playable characters (six by default, and two unlockable). If it would be possible to add an additional four save slots that would be amazing. Another feature I'd love to see is an expanded inventory. As the game comes there are only eight inventory slots, would love to see that expanded to something like ten, twelve, or even doubled to sixteen, be that through resizing the UI or somehow adding a new page. Unfortunately I do not know the first thing about coding or how I would even begin to go about making these changes, I would honestly be willing to commission someone if they were able to do this though.


In case you were unaware of it, or indeed some hacker wants it to make life easier, then there is a save with the gamecube content unlocked. For those thinking "ew GBA film tie in" then while 99% of the time you are correct this franchise on the GBA did have something to it.

There is also a trainer

As far as the hacks in question.
Increasing save slots is possible but rather more than I would suggest for an earlier hack (Eeprom v122 - 4 kbit, if ADVANsCEne is accurate, is about as small as you get on the GBA -- flash several megabits technically being available if people are concerned about overall size). Save type conversion itself is trivial (the save patchers/SRAM patchers of flash cart patching software is literally this, think there are even some open source implementations these days both generally and for flash carts) but getting the game to do much more with it/handle things is the trickier aspect. I would almost be tempted to run two versions of the ROM with separate saves on my flash cart and go with that instead, porting around data can also be done reasonably well if it comes down to it and you want a specific team (chances are said character is a section in memory, slice up a savestate or make enough cheats to port it over and you have that done, if you want to hack the base save, though see save hashing for that one, then you have an option there as well).
Same for general concerns inventory slots unless it is a game wherein you unlock more as the game progresses. Possible alternative for inventory slots is some kind of cheat that cycles things in and out*, or maybe a pointer tweak. More generally then if you have 8 inventory slots then you probably also know how much memory that will take (you in this case being the hypothetical game coder or compiler) and thus rather than waste memory (you have a little less than 300 kilobytes to play with http://problemkaputt.de/gbatek.htm#gbatechnicaldata ) will slam the next section of data right where the other one finishes and so on and so on. Expanding one without changing where the game looks for all the others is very tedious, changing where one lands to a free section is easier (find it in RAM with a cheat, chances are there will be a pointer you can get to and change) but you have to find that and also make the game's save handle it (it might do it by default, it might not). You will probably also have to handle the game logic and UI level stuff to make it go beyond the previously known areas to read, and handle what happens when you get to the end of section. Sometimes this can be easier if there is a game level limit/purpose to the limitations but no technical one but from what I can recall and what you describe I am not betting on that here.

*should not be too hard to find extra memory. Whether it gets saved with the main save is a different matter -- GBA was new enough that copy and paste section was an easier path for some, however if it is going to have been crammed into 4kbit (512bytes, as in less than a kilobyte) then I might expect the devs to have gone a bit more old school and only picked that which they truly needed. If you are playing with savestates as your method of saving (most emulators but only a handful of flash carts and hardware level replications are this) then no great issue as long as the cheats remain active.
The GBA has powerful enough cheat engines ( https://doc.kodewerx.org/hacking_gba.html , emulators and modern flash carts or even GBAATM/GBAATM rebirth should be able to do the more exotic stuff) to do button activators to check a flag, to grab certain areas of memory, stash them somewhere, grab others, overwrite them, set a flag to reflect the change).

Commissions are also a dubious concept in most ROM hacking circles -- money has a habit of making lawyers perk up (this sort of thing is already skirting the edges of laws) and even if not then you face the beer money vs real project concern. Beer money is great, if you want to pay average hourly/project rates for even a basic coder (never mind in this case someone familiar with ARM assembly) then that tends to be a rather more pricey proposition. This is not the first time I have done something like this overview of necessary changes to accomplish those goals for this game though.


A color restoration patch for the GBA version of FFV

I've made a mockup of how it will look like


Palette restorations on the GBA from SNES source games can be on the easier side of things, or at least something worth attempting.

The SNES palette format and the GBA palette format are actually the same (as in find one, find the other, copy & paste/grab&insert). To that end you can see about grabbing the SNES palettes (can be done with an emulator and a bit of time) and overwriting the GBA ones.
Finding palettes is not so bad either, or at least the first pass attempt amounts to get somewhere in the game where the palette is displayed (you do have cheats to aid this, and whatever goes for an existing save), grab the palette from RAM and search the ROM for it -- they are small and don't really tend to compress that well so tend not to be. Main troubles then coming in dynamic palettes (say there is an option in the menu to select between GBA, GBA SP and GB player) and palette driven animations (cycle the colours in the palette and the corresponding on screen image changes, can be a nice way to do colour changes and fades), though in those cases you probably just want to check "update in real time" or whatever in your emulator's palette viewer and grab the static aspect to search for that. You could try something with relative search if it is a whole palette that changes but let's leave that one for now.
You can go through manually in the game, however find one palette and you might well find the others nearby it or pointers to it, or it might be alongside the graphics data (many things, especially on the rather related DS, will have the relevant palette just before or just after, in a tile editor it will tend to look like random colours between the sprites).

If the SNES version does not work for this/whatever game you are editing is not from the SNES then you still need to find the palette on the GBA, here you can raise the brightness/lower the brightness easily enough by tweaking the numbers accordingly.
http://members.iinet.net.au/~freeaxs/gbacomp/ has a bit on compression.

That said I am surprised nobody really did anything here before -- people have done plenty of palette restorations on the GBA for many years now ( https://www.romhacking.net/?page=hacks&genre=&platform=10&game=&category=&perpage=20&order=&dir=&title=palette&author=&hacksearch=Go ) including some fairly hard things like the donkey kongs in more recent years and for FF5 specifically the sound aspects have been well and truly hacked, and several other patches exist. https://www.romhacking.net/?page=hacks&genre=&platform=&game=818&category=&perpage=20&order=&dir=&title=&author=&hacksearch=Go .


I'm not interested in it, but maybe someone else will be.

Remake of "Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest" in FF6.

Idea Source:


An English hack of Mr. Godzilla GB (Gojira-kun Kaijū Daikōshin), already released in the West simply as "Godzilla" for Game Boy. Or a backporting of the Japanese mechanics/content to the Western release.

The Japanese version has some gameplay refinements to extent that it could be considered a hidden gem.


In the off chance that a true remake of the original Blaster Master never happens, here's my ideas for a hack to make it consistent with the Zero trilogy while simultaneously updating it for modern standards:

1. Infinite continues
3. Allow the use of grenades when strafing
4. Tweak controls when wall-clinging (make jumping easier)
5. The big one: redraw the intro graphics to depict the Japanese plot instead
6. Port over the graphics from the Japanese version as well


More intuitive unlockables in Mario Golf Advance Tour. Some of the objectives are poorly explained (you have to do WHAT to unlock the star course holes?), or require arbitrary progress in Toadstool Tour.


Super Mario RPG (SNES):

Allow the Swap Shop in Moleville to accept all items.  (I just found out that there are some they don't trade points for.)


while this would be really difficult to do, it would be really nice to see a playable Maria (similar to Rondo) in Dracula X.


Quote from: Sprite:D on March 21, 2022, 03:01:33 PM
while this would be really difficult to do, it would be really nice to see a playable Maria (similar to Rondo) in Dracula X.

I know how you feel. As much as I like both the SNES and PC Engine versions, I feel like the SNES version was missing something when Maria wasn't a playable character there in the SNES one


I would love if someone can do a full conversion of Gun Nac into a NES port of Halley's Comet


Rings of Power - Sega Geneis
New Logo (Mature Audiences Only)

To get an alternate Naughty Dog Games logo during the opening splash sequence, before you turn on you Genesis hold down A + B + C + Down-Right + Start on controller 2, then turn your power on.

Anyway of hacking this game so the topless girl always shows up during the opening splash sequence