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Started by Mew seeker, October 08, 2015, 08:17:15 PM

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Quote from: MisterJones on October 21, 2015, 03:51:22 PM
The c and c is not a binary choice in a  dialogue window tho.



Ok, I gave it a try.

Combat feels like Biohazard Gaiden during player turns and like bullet hell games during enemy turns. Music is kinda grating (even PC-98 games weren't that grating to my ears), but I got used to it pretty fast. Graphics look simple, but that's probably done to create a dream-like atmosphere.

The only thing that I dislikes is constant calls from that cow-like thing (I have crappy memory when it comes to names, so I already forgot its name).

I'll put it on my backlog, could be fun when I want to kill some time.

Gideon Zhi

I just finished the game without killing anything. Interested to see how it changes in replay if you elect to fight instead.


I beat this game a while back. It was a weird game for me... I'll start by saying that the game, in almost every aspect, is really well-polished and well-done. The battle system was extremely entertaining, as literally every single battle you fight is drastically different. There are dozens of different paths the game can go, with three major endings that you can get, which are based around how many things, if any, you killed in your playthrough.

However, with that said, I didn't really enjoy it that much. The game's humor, like Chpexo wrote, didn't really strike me. I felt that the game was trying too hard to be "weird" and "random" and "funny," that it often felt pretentious. The contrast between the goofy surface versus the intended gritty and dark story made me uncomfortable. So many things in this game were just props to showcase how quirky this game can be. It felt slow, especially toward the end. I got the bad-ish ending, and it was anticlimactic. All of these things just turned me off to an otherwise great game.

I will definitely give Undertale another shot, though, and try to get a better ending.
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its a goty for many tho. including me. best game ever... doubt it, but still has left me a lot to think about how to design games and shit.

the quirky humour with darker tones seems to follow a trend started by the mother games and homestuck.


I will refrain from saying too much because I don't like commenting about games I've never beaten before. But "Best game ever" is saying a lot about a game that barely came out, no matter how good it is. I wonder how many games those people even played.

The more I hear about this game, the more it sounds like a fad to me. Sincerely.

Either way, I will play this one soon to see what's so good about it.


it's fun but not best game ever by a long shot

also homestuck is garbo




you do realize that various other places and also people on gamefaqs are rigging the crap out of this, right?


things i like about undertale

meaningful "random" encounters. all random encounters are named characters and you can encounter them afterwards doing mundane stuff
short story. doesnt outlast its welcome
gameplay and story integration. different story branches require you to actually doing different stuff through game mechanics
metagaming awareness - it acknowledges and welcomes quirky gamey actions (savescumming, and adhd meandering for example)
multilayered characterization - the paths you take change a lot how characters treat you and give different expository dialogue


Tried it after hubby saw it blow up on 8chan or whatever random thing he looks at.

...I forgot how much I could love a game. I initially judged the main character's sprite. Feeling like it was sloppy and didn't fit in with the rest of the game.

Ignore the sloppy sprite. (It's intentional?) The game is genius.


Quote from: Chpexo on October 21, 2015, 05:29:52 PM
From what I hear, many people like Undertale for its witty writing rather than its gameplay (and also because its a lot like Earthbound). The game's writing is basically like Japan's visual novel genre where you're decisions affect the dialogue ever so slightly and effect which ending you get. If you hate a lot of story and play RPGs for their gameplay, this game is not for you. You only have one party member to my knowledge and this makes the battling monotonous when the bullet hell segments lose their novelty. Of course this is my experience.

I was initially dissuaded from buying the game because the bullet hell battling system seemed like it didn't really fit, but after watching a friend play the game, I decided to buy it and play through it myself. It turned out that the battle system had significantly more depth to it. It's not just bullet hell as the battle system changes very significantly depending on the enemy you're fighting. There are platforming, shmup, and rhythm segments as well. The battle system is also used for narrative purposes during some fights.

So I disagree, the gameplay is fantastic and the battle mechanics never lost their novelty on my first play through.The gameplay is definitely different though from your average RPG where the "gameplay" usually ranges from mindless grinding for experience to moderately interesting tactical decisions during battle.

Writing is a lot more subjective though. I personally found the slapstick and meta humor extremely funny but felt that some of the inside jokes were unnecessary or out of place. In particular, references to otaku culture appeared pretty often which I felt detracted from the game.