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smb title editor screen help

Started by akuslick222, May 15, 2023, 04:46:52 PM

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help I don't know what to do my title screen is green please help it's smb for the nes and ][/img] link shows a picture of my screenshot and I want the correct colors as in the original game


Are we supposed to guess what steps you took to get this result?


Try using it again on the original ROM, but make the logo smaller this time. It is possible that the title screen data from your current version takes up more space than it should, which overwrites the following data (which may contain palette or background attributes).

I doubt your editor warns you about these things. You can also try another editor. Or find some title screen docs and edit it manually.


 I used the smbte.exe title editor and just made my own title screen then clicked on the results button then clicked the save button

That's all I did nothing else


I've got green logo even after making no actual changes to the title screen. This editor sucks some hairy balls.


I even tried SmbTitleEditer.exe but it says it was infected and wouldn't let me use it and i used it befor in rhe past



Quote from: akuslick222 on May 16, 2023, 08:54:13 PMI even tried SmbTitleEditer.exe but it says it was infected and wouldn't let me use it and i used it befor in rhe past
So either disable your virus scanner or find some other way to run it. You can set up a virtual machine, for instance, or you can probably used BoxedWine.
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  You probably need to revert some of the data changes at the very end of the ROM.


i am so sorry guys i didn't understan and realize that i missed a crucial part of you guys helping me lol
heres my source code lol



I finally did it not sure what I did but it worked I used the pup viewer of fceux and then I guess colored it in lol here's a link to a couple I made I am sorry guys for the whole confusion