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ROM hacks you'd take back in time?

Started by Jeville, April 20, 2014, 02:40:38 AM

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If you can choose three ROM hacks from the Improvement category to bring back in time to give to the original developers before the original games' release that you think they might accept (thus making your hacks of choice official), what would they be? I don't know many hacks, but they might be:

Metroid + Saving
Final Fantasy Restored
Legend Of Zelda: Automap Plus


An interesting question. I could certainly stand to see some hacks released alongside other games as remixes or something, younger me would have loved some more zombies ate my neighbors if nothing else, but supplanting the original is a slightly different matter. For the sake of avoiding paradox discussion I will assume we are not breaking a timeline and teaching people good game design (not that today is particularly special here) ahead of the curve.

I think I would mainly go back with a bunch of infinite ? cheats -- a lot of "Nintendo hard" stuff is not anything I find especially enjoyable because of some kind of difficulty, however that is possibly where we start straying into paradox territory. I would also go some saving and map things, the saving ones seemed to be more often money than design though.
Going a bit further forward some of the dpad hacks for DS games.
Other than that I think I would be a text snob and want proper casing and fonts.


I think my Final Fantasy Advance sound restoration would probably fell in this cathegory. Especially the one for FF4 which is the one I'm the most proud of, as most of it's music data was converted directly from the SNES game, and that includes sound effects as well. (unfortunately it looks like it's the less popular as FF4 was re-released thousand of times after the GBA version).