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Legend of Zelda

Started by Hynes Racing, November 20, 2018, 12:29:46 PM

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Hynes Racing

Hi everyone,
I'm new to romhacking. I'm working on my first game of the legend of Zelda. I found some good tools like Zelda dungeon to work with but I'm not sure how to edit the title screen or text for the story line. Any pointers would be great. Thanks


Hello! I see you starting to hack Zelda 1. I'm currently working on hacking Zelda 1 myself and the question your asking reminded me if this playlist. It helped me to learn how to edit the title screen.

I've been into hacking Z1 since 2016 and I just finished this new title screen yesterday.

If u need any help, or have any questions then feel free to ask.

Hynes Racing

Ok so found a program on here to edit the story and create an a patch. How do I patch the rom file? When I attempt to patchnit using zedatech it patched the story to remove the colored highlighted words but the text remained original.
Also any good programs to edit the credit screen?

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3dude I just realized you made links shadow. I'm currenlty playing it. I'm dungeon 8. Pretty good man. Much harder then I was doing. Some of the bosses in the dungeons are insane because of the small space to fight them in 👍🏻