Final Fantasy VI SNES Woolsey Uncensored Edition (Updated - Version 3.06)

Started by Rodimus Primal, May 31, 2013, 09:20:23 AM

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Yes, it is one way to interpret all his ござる speech. Sadly, the way it turned out was as very mangled English.

I have no way of knowing if it was even something on the table, and it certainly wouldn't be in keeping with the goals of this particular project, but with a description like that, sometimes I wonder if he might have been better served with a French accent or something. Not that England didn't have a chivalric tradition, of course, just that real Middle English is half-incomprehensible to the modern English reader and chivalry was such a bigger deal on the Continent that chivalry is a French-derived word.
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役割語 has always been a primary source for headaches.

Actually, a French accent wouldn't be that bad of an idea. I like it.


That would be great for that new Brave New World hack that just came out. They say that they reworked Cyan into one of the best characters in it.

But it would be a pity to lose the "Thou Thou Thou"

Because that's what would happen if he had a French accent, right?

Rodimus Primal

The whole idea of my project is to bring better accuracy uncut but to keep the feel as well as the best lines of the Woolsey script. Changing Cyan from speaking Middle English would be to take away from both the Woolsey and the Slattery script. The thing is there are times that Woolsey had Cyan speak modern English and other times saying "thou" and "sir" while Slattery added to Cyan's Middle English speak to keep the character we're familiar with.

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So I'm up to the World of Ruin. But before that, what to call the 3 gods? GBA calls them Warring Triad, Luna Darkstar Warring Gods, RPGOne calls them the Gods of Destruction, and Woolsey censored the religious aspect of them just calling them just Statues. I'm leaning more toward Warring Gods or Warring Triad and arranging the script accordingly. Any suggestions?



It's one of those translation issues where, if the goal is to preserve both the length and the meaning of the original phrase, you just can't win for the most part. You can sometimes drop back to Latin or Greek neologisms, but usually the words you want tend to be overly multisyllabic and, a classical education not being a priority for most people for most of the past century, nobody will know what the heck it means anyway.

But if you rephrase things on a more general scale, you have the ability to spell things out in one or two places and use some shorter form (abbreviation, metonymy, etc.) in other instances.
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Rodimus Primal

I agree on Warring Triad. It's easy to explain around it and you can still say 3 gods in certain context. T

So I finally plowed through the script tonight and now I'm trying to read through the battle scripts. There isn't as many reference scripts to look at so this is a little tougher.


Do you have plans for that one Narshe guard who speaks like Cyan just before Kefka invades?

Rodimus Primal

I may have changed it. Do you recall what he said so that I can check?

Currently I've renamed weapons to their GBA versions as I think they better represent what they are trying to say. Of course the character limit keeps them shortened where necessary. The same with Esper names. Terrato is now MdgrSrm for short and in the script it is Midgar Sormer. I originally stated I wanted to keep some spells and items the same, but I've been going back and forth with it. I changed Demi and Quartr to Gravty and Gravty2 and W Wind to Trnado. Ice 2 is still Ice 2 though. If I were to change and shorthand them, It would be Blizrd, Blizra, and Blizga.  I would much rather get everyone's opinions on this because to some its very important.


Quote from: Rodimus Primal on June 10, 2013, 09:36:56 AM
Terrato is now MdgrSrm for short and in the script it is Midgar Sormer.
"Midgardsormr," actually.  (ref)

Rodimus Primal

Quote from: dudejo on June 10, 2013, 07:20:27 AM
Do you have plans for that one Narshe guard who speaks like Cyan just before Kefka invades?

Yes I did. It was "Emergency!! The Empire cometh!!" It really did seem odd he said that, but I get that Woolsey was trying to say as much as possible in very little text. But cometh? The GBA script says "The Empire's heading this way! We are under attack!" I think that works better for that line.


we are in a horrible and deadly danger

Rodimus Primal

 :beer: Silly me! I thought it was a reference to this : Looks like that line's going back! Midgarsomr is now in the script and MdgrSrm is the spell listing.

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So my script is for the most part done. monsters/spells/items are renamed. Titlescreen is restored, graphics restored, Cafe changed to Pub, B button dash added, Espers display MP in battle, and Gogo's Yellow Streak is fixed. I created an ips patch for both the 1.0 and the 1.1 US versions and made some screen shots where I could. Now the ONLY thing I really want to do is add class names and it can be done using hex, which I still need to learn how to do.

I'm eager to release the hack in its current state so that I can get feedback on it as well as any tips for possible bugs. Now being that it is somewhat a script rewrite, should I consider it a translation or a hack? I really look foward to all of your feedback with this.

Rodimus Primal

So here's the status-

The only things left to do at this point is to get the graphics for the final battle uncensored and to beta test. I might let the final graphics slip at first but I do need folks willing to test this out.

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I'd like everyone to see the project so far. I'm going to release it but I have to wait until my links are good for a little longer-

Rodimus Primal

I know its been awhile and now 1.0 is up here on the site. I'm working on 1.1 which will fix some script errors I came across and also I fixed the Lakshimi (Starlet) sprite. I'm also trying to expand upon the item descriptions where I can since there's a limited amount of space. If anyone has been playing it and has any errors, please let me know.

Rodimus Primal

As you all now know, 1.1 is up on the site. I'm really look foward to any feedback as this was a labor of love.


Nice work!

I'm interested in this project, and have experience. Can you tell me where you're at with it? Elaborate on your premise. I'd like to know more about what thinking has already gone into this project.


Rodimus Primal

My thinking was to bring the original script and game and uncensor it. If it didn't have to go through the censorship it did at the time, then this would be the version of Final Fantasy VI that we got. That's why I changed the title screen back and uncensored the sprites (currently with the exception of the final battle against Kefka). The script keeps the Woolseyisms we all remember so fondly, but uncuts the things like what the statues are (Warring Triad/ Gods) and clears up confusion in some dialogue (such Madeline and Maduin in the Esper World). I used Darkstar's, FFVI Advance, and RPGeOne's scripts to look over all the dialogue to get a better grasp as to what the script better translates to, while keeping Woolsey's short and to the point wording. Since my goal wasn't completely rewrite the script, I didn't change the font but I did change the item and monster names, and expanded the descriptions when I could. I also was able to use angelo's hack to add class names to the characters as well as expand the spell names. I reworked the names he used in favor of the Final Fantasy VI Advance naming.

At this point, the only thing I've run into a brick wall with is changing the battle background for the final battle against Kefka so that its uncut. The script probably could use a couple tweaks here and there, but I need the feedback of users to know where they are.


Had you considered having someone read a complete script dump of FF6 J while you're at it?

BRPXQZME might not have the time, but he'd have the knowledge. Or LostTemplar, same difference.

I've got a script dump handy, but no SJIS Word processor.

Also: This is a knotty issue...

Relm is overtly sexualized in the uncut version of the ending (she hits on Edgar, asking him, "How about a nice portrait for you?"). She's 11...

I'm not really comfortable with that.


I should still have a copy of the script somewhere. No need for SJIS, the script was dumped as UTF8, so even notepad works for opening it.