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Atlantis No Nazo Hacking?

Started by 32x1000, January 13, 2014, 05:41:47 PM

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I am currently experimenting in hacking with atlanis no nazo. I have no problems with graphics it's just I have no idea how to alter levels. I know there is not an editor online (trust me I looked TOO much for it). With that said I was wondering if anybody knew how to help me with my problem.
PS. The main character in the game has some wonky controls so if somebody knew how to fix that as well that would be great Thanks! :D
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This game has 2 PRG banks, so I figure with some trial-and-error corruption, you can find level data relatively quickly. You can start by scanning the first 16384 bytes in a hex editor and look for suspicious patterns. Once you know exactly where a specific level's data starts (ideally, the first level), then you can try to do a reverse lookup on its location and find a pointer table...

As for the controls, it's more complicated because you have to master the programming itself and transform it to your liking. Not an easy task...


Wow thanks this is very helpful! :D
"Not safe for kids over 167"