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Need a better Hex Editor, Suggestions?

Started by SleepyFist, February 19, 2016, 12:20:05 AM

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Been messing with LOZ(Nes) text with hexecute, undo function is broken so ive been editing very very carefully, the ability to search hex values is also broke, Right now it seems the ONLY thing it can do is search and edit text using a table and edit hex found manually, updated version seems to have broken it further and removed the ability to use tables as well, Im pretty fed up right now so im dropping it, does anybody know anything better?


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I use HxD and when I need table support I use Windhex. A number of other people seem to like those as well. There may be some better ones out there that cost $$$ but these two are free.
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Thanks much,ill definitely try those :thumbsup:, really tired right now and fed up with stuff bugging out, does windhex have an undo?
nope, ill work with it though.


My favorite hex editor is called Tiny Hexer.


The hex editor that I used all the time is 0xED for the Mac OS X, it's a really good editor.


A while back I did a roundup of hex editors with an eye to getting some links for those doing ROM hacking.

It boiled down to
010 editor
Hex workshop

The only other windows paid editor I have seen that comes close is x ways winhex (do not confuse it with windhex which is a nice ROM hacking editor) which is a fantastic tool and if you are doing disc recovery and program fiddling is wonderful, however it is not so good for ROM hacking as it lacked a few features I came to like in 010 and hex workshop (the byte flips, the boolean logic functions, the shifts, the ease of changing line size).

Free. Hex workshop stands alone until you need proper proper table support (you can define a basic 8 bit to single character encoding if you like in hex workshop and many others here, you start needing mixed 8 and 16 bit and multiple characters and proper new line support and it falls apart very quickly) but the following combination of free editors could do the task.

You need to set up the GUI first of all but it is nice, its only real downfall is it only supports one file at a time. tiny hexer.
Long since stopped development but feature wise it almost punches up there with the paid editors, certainly beats anything else I tried in the paid world save for those three mentioned.

Looks basic at first and is, however the scripting features it has are better than anything else on this list.

hxd is the chosen freeware editor for a lot of people, and should I be sitting at a client's site lamenting the lack of even a basic hex editor in windows then I would probably pick this. It is free so you might as well have it but if you wanted to leave it out then you would not be missing out on much of anything.

ROM hacking.

Basic but has table support, relative search, a reasonable stab at a text dumper and one of the best tile editors anywhere. This on top of a ARM7 and 9 disassembler and DS file system (and several known DS formats) support.

Probably the chosen ROM hacking editor for anybody not used to an older program. Definitely worth looking at. Plays a bit fast and loose with tablet formats if you want to try exporting it but nothing you can not handle if you think it through, it takes thingy tables well enough.
Works, worth having.
A bit clunky but nice enough.

After this it is older DOS based stuff. If you mainly only want relative search for other things then monkey moore is it


Quote from: SunGodPortal on February 19, 2016, 12:26:53 AM
I use HxD and when I need table support I use Windhex. A number of other people seem to like those as well.

This is probably one of the best (free) combo to double up table support and functionality. HxD has convenient copy / paste / delete / block-selection features Windex lack. There are other features making Windex a good general hex editor but those that I mentioned are the ones Windhex don't have that I use the most.


Cool, I'm actually using that combo now :thumbsup:, My only gripe with windhex is its slightly wonky interface that messes up if I modify the font but otherwise its working pretty well, Ive got almost the entire Info screen for LOZ rewritten and recolored, and im starting messing with the NPC text, still haven't worked out a way to get my timer into the game though, that might require venturing into ASM, and so far I'm abysmally awful at getting the stuff to compile/disassemble.