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Having Trouble Extracting ISO

Started by Xanato, November 21, 2015, 01:24:09 PM

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I'm interested in editing the content of a PlayStation game and have been trying to extract the ISO onto my computer, but the programs I've tried to use (all recommended by others who have ripped PlayStation games) have failed to detect the CD in my D: drive. It's a DVD-RW drive and I've tried two different games, but haven't been successful. What should I do?


I've used imgBurn and CloneCD myself with no problem.
Have you checked the drive is properly working? (does it work in any other programs? Does Windows itself detect the drive?) I know a couple times Windows stopped detecting my drive so I had to open my PC and recheck the cables.
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I've checked Device Manager and the drive seems to be working properly. I've also tested out two installation/driver CDs and both of them worked. The programs I've tried to get the image file with are IsoBuster, Nero, and MagicDisc.

EDIT: Just wanted to give an update. I recently tried a third PS game as well as ImgBurn, but got nothing. In addition, I attempted to update the driver, but found that I have the latest one installed. However, the drive was able to detect two PS2 games (which are DVD-ROMs). So, maybe there's some kind of weird compatibility thing going on.


It's quite possible your drive is in the early stages of hardware failure.  I've had drives go bad on me, and they usually start off by not being able to read certain kinds of discs (DVD+R but not DVD-R, or regular DVDs but not burned DVDs, and so on).

Have you tried reading audio CDs, perhaps?
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I just put in an audio CD and it was able to play songs.


The only other thing I can suggest is to try booting some version of Linux from a bootable USB drive, and then try a CD-ripping program there.  (Sometimes the CD drives in Windows can run into "filter" problems; this would be the easiest way to eliminate that factor.)
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How is it a DVD-RW, is it an old copied game? I've always used DVDDecrypter to do PS2 or old DVD movies. It worked awesome.


I'm trying to rip a regular game for the original PlayStation. PS2 games seem to work fine, but not PS. The drive itself is a DVD-RW drive in a laptop. The game is a traditional PlayStation CD-ROM with a black underside.

EDIT: I finally got my image file moments ago. I did some research online and learned that some drives just won't recognize PlayStation discs. So, I went to a store today and took a chance on one of their external CD-RW/DVD-RW drives. Definitely a good moment when I put that game disc in, heard the drive running it, and was able to open a folder.

Thanks for the help!