Final Fantasy VI SNES Woolsey Uncensored Edition (Updated - Version 3.06)

Started by Rodimus Primal, May 31, 2013, 09:20:23 AM

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Rodimus Primal

So I've started work on a project and I'm new at this but I'm making yet another Final Fantasy III(VI) SNES hack. I know its got so many hacks that I'm taking a bunch from here and other places to work on this and I will be looking at the GBA script to correct mistranslations and will basically be proof-reading Woosley's script. The idea is to keep the nostalgia of the original translation but bringing the best changes of the GBA version. In other words lines like Son of a Submariner will stay, Terra and Sabin are not Tina and Mash, but NPCs like Vicks and Madonna will be renamed Biggs and Madeline. I want this to be as if Ted Woolsey didn't have to censor anything and had more time to correct his script.

So far this is what I have-
Titlescreen Hack
Uncensored Graphics Hack
Dash Restore (Press B to Dash)
Esper Menu Fix
Possible fixes - Evade Fix, GengiOff Fix, SrBehemoth Fix.

As for items and spells, I'm looking at making a compromise. Pearl SHOULD be Holy, Tonic should be Potion etc but the glory days of the SNES Fire 2 and 3 worked with the character limit. I'm open to suggestions. EDIT- I have chosen to use the GBA names for spells, items, and monsters as these are the official names translated from the Japanese. So Ice, Ice 2, and Ice 3 are Blizzard, Blizzara, and Blizzaga respectively. Fenix Down is Phoenix Down.

Also I really want to add the class names in the menu but I don't know the first thing about making it happen. Angelo26 has a hack that also increases character limit but the changes are in hex(which I know nothing of) and the ease of FF3usME cannot be used.

I am open to suggestions on this since I'm totally new to the world of ROM Hacking and translations.

Current version has been updated to V3.06. Updates include:

-Typos found and fixed. (Thanks squareinc)
-Rage and Dance Descriptions patches (SilentEnigma) applied to Add-On patches.
-Add-On patches also now have modified Cyan's Bushido meter to fill faster than default.

-Allergic Dog has been added to the bugfix patches. Now Shadow won't lose Interceptor just for equipping Angel Wings.
-Wrexsoul hint has been updated to properly match his battle mechanics.
-Typos found have been fixed. (Thanks Ajogamer)
-Classic bodybuilder line has been properly kept but expanded to make the surrounding dialog make more sense.

-Fixed Relm's Control Menu to fix overflow (thanks Silent Enigma)
-Expanded spell use menu to fix name length.
-Corrected names of Ketu and Rahu
-Numerous minor text typos found and corrected (thanks ottitude and JBAU)
-Added Rage Checklist (Novalia Spirit) to the Add-Ons patches

-Dialog fixes in Ancient Castle, Doma Castle Dream, Father cutscene (thanks Unknown)
-Read Me clarifies help finding a 1.0 ROM since many are confused when they see a Rev 1 (which is actually 1.1)
version of Final Fantasy III US.

-Updated one of Shadow's dreams dialog.
-Added Description Disruption V1.2 (by Silent Enigma) to the bugfix patches
-Changed the B Button Dash to Cancel for compatibility with the Button Settings Restoration patch.

-Spacing correction with Cyan and Sabin during camp.
-Battle dialog correction with Fiend.
-Typo with soldier in Albrook after Banquet scene corrected.

-Major script revisions.

-Switched out B Button Dash to Version C, which now works in events.
-Misplaced punctuation in quotation marks have been corrected.
-Fixed proper use of "All right" instead of "alright".
-Corrected case of "Highness" used in Figaro.
-Corrected Crusader level up description.

-Fixed descriptions for Kaiser Claws and Minera Bust
-Fixed grammar mistake from Ramuh in Zozo.

-Fix for meeting Shadow in Sabin's scenario if you did not name him in South Figaro.

-Corrected description for the Thamasa Soul.
-Corrected the spell name used on Umaro's Blizzard Orb. 

-Removed Description Disruption as it caused errors in various menus.
-corrected descriptions for Libra and Quake spells.

-B Button Dash updated to work WITH the Sprint Shoes.
-Sliding Dash and Description Disruption (silentenigma) added
-Line from Chancellor when Figaro dives is updated
-Line from Kefka when confronting the party at the Sealed Gate corrected and updated

-Battle background when fighting Mag Roaders is now fixed (thanks silentenigma at for finding the pointers)
-Added RMOVE to REMOVE (Gi Nattak) and modified to remove the CAPS.

-Typos found and corrected (thanks to Spooniest, wakkoswami, and Dzumeister for your help)
-Genji Glove updated to GenjiGloves to match description

-Numerous text and typo fixes
-Organyx weapon is now Ogrenix
-MidgardSormr and Seraphim corrected to Midgardsormr and Seraph
-Warp Stone updated to TelportStone
-Dead and Seizure status is now corrected to KO and Sap
-Banish and Warp spells are corrected now as Warp and Teleport

Update to V2.04
-Another round of text updates. Typos and incorrect capitalization (espers, moogles, king) fixed.
-Death Gaze is now Deathgaze
-sound effects in text now have asterisks to differentiate them from dialogue (example *cough,wheeze*)

Updates to V2.03:
-fix for Magitek menu allowing you to select blank spaces for everyone except Terra.

Updates to V2.02:

-Another MAJOR update to the script. Recently, Mato of Legends of Localization did a script
analysis of Final Fantasy VI. Thanks to his efforts, in addition to Kwhazit's translation notes,
TWUE was looked over for script errors and inaccuracies. Much thanks to BlazeHeatnix of RHDN
for his massive help in bringing this update. With this update, it still remains true to
the projects goals, but is now a better version than it was before!
-Dispel's spell description and Environmental Science fixed. (thanks Merudo of ff6hacking)

Updates to Version 2.01

-Typos that were found during a live stream are now corrected.
-Updated the Zombie/Ripper patch on the bug fix patches.

Updates to Version 2.00:

-Major update. Numerous script fixes and updates.
-Fixed event where an Actor walked through a WALL! (thanks to Gi Nattak for the fix!)
-Updated Opera patches now have the full Opera updated.
-Ensured that the Sketch bug fix was applied to all patches.
-Removed older version of Gerard and Sabin and replaced with current one.
-Added these to all bug fix patches:
   -Rage Restoration (Terii Senshi)
   -Pincer+Row Bugfix (assassin17)
   -Jump Megafix A (assassin17)
   -Miscolored Command Names - Gear Based (assassin17)
   -Recapture the Glory (assassin17)
   -Bridge Correction (Mike Ferrell)
   -Wrong Way, Idiot! (Mike Farrell)
   -Banon Riding (Leet Sketcher)
   -Backwards Jump (Leet Sketcher)
   -Bird Bars (Leet Sketcher)
   -Castle Party (Leet Sketcher)
   -Chain of Command - Gear Based (Leet Sketcher)
   -False Knight (Leet Sketcher)
   -Imp's Rage (Leet Sketcher)
   -Imp's Call (Leet Sketcher)
   -Imp Skimp (Leet Sketcher)
   -Item/Magic Counter (Leet Sketcher)
   -Lens Cap (Leet Sketcher)
   -Magitek Madness (Leet Sketcher)
   -Morph Mayhem (Leet Sketcher)
   -Phoenix Chest (Leet Sketcher)
   -Ultimate Damage (Leet Sketcher)
   -Unequipium (Leet Sketcher)
   -Vanish/Runic (Leet Sketcher)
   -Zombie/Tapir A (Leet Sketcher)
   -Zombie/Rippler A (Leet Sketcher)
-Added these additions to the Add-Ons patches:
   -Mini-Maps Upgrade (Madsiur)
   -Y Equip Relics (Leet Sketcher)
-Corrected naming with Music Player patches (Thanks again Madsiur)
-Added monster and item name lists
-Added Bugfixes Used Compendium document
-Updated patch compatibility document

As a reminder to those new to patching, use an UNHEADERED Final Fantasy III (1.0) (U) ROM.


This site is a great place to learn how to hack (hex editing tutorials, etc) for sure.  However, if you don't get a response on FF6 specifically head over to one of the two sites below.  They specialize in FF6 data and information almost exclusively.  :)

Rodimus Primal

Thanks.  I registered at FFVI Hacking but I have to wait for admins to allow me to post.

I will let folks know how I make out with status with screenshots when I can. I'm also open to suggestions on the script because I know some folks are passionate about this game.


This sounds awesome, can't wait until its done!

Rodimus Primal

So I spent my time going through the script. Of 3082 captions of dialogue (which doesn't include battle dialogue), I'm up to 1000. I fixed grammar errors where possible if it made sense. Vicks is now Biggs, the "Impressiaro" on the Phantom Train is now the Conductor as he should be, and Zigfried doesn't go by Sigfried in his last two captions. I expanded some of the dialogue in the meeting at the Returners base that was missing from the US translation, and I tweaked Shadow's dreams so that its clear that Baram was asking Clyde to kill him. I have to give it to Woosley. He said so much more with less. But there were times it lacked so I've been looking at the GBA and RPGOne's translations to understand clearly in some lines so it made sense to insert an extra word or line here or there.

Since this is an "uncensored" Edition, Cider is now wine, Kefka will say KILL THEM, Locke enters South Figaro saying Dammit, and the person who says  @$#* Empire says damned empire. This isn't trying to be as foul mouthed as possible, in fact I'm rather modest with it. But my goal is to give the script the feeling that there isn't anything missing or censored.

I've already added the original title screen, the uncensored graphics, and the B button dash. I also will add the Gogo Yellow Streak fix since that was an error caused in localization. I'm looking for the Cafe to Bar patch, but if I knew how I'd rather it be Pub since that was what the original graphic said. I also eventually want to restore class names and go through the spells and items to "uncensor" them.

I'm looking for suggestions and perhaps any help I can get. I'll be continuing working on the script. Its a hell of an undertaking and I really give a lot of props to Woosley!


Quote from: Rodimus Primal on May 31, 2013, 09:20:23 AMPossible fixes - Evade Fix, GengiOff Fix, SrBehemoth Fix.
I really should remove Genjioff, since it's extremely broken right now. I do believe Drakkhen's damage overflow fix encompasses what I was trying to do, so I recommend you get that instead. - Randomize your FF6 experience!

Rodimus Primal

I will. I didn't add any bug fixes like that on purpose because I want to make sure my altered script works first. Was this a bug in the Japanese release or just the US one?

Gideon Zhi

Quote from: Rodimus Primal on June 02, 2013, 10:13:58 PM
I have to give it to Woosley. He said so much more with less.

I really wish more people would understand this. Writing isn't just about throwing words on a page and getting literal meaning across; nuance is so much more important!

btw it's woolsey

Rodimus Primal

Quote from: Gideon Zhi on June 03, 2013, 12:34:01 AM
I really wish more people would understand this. Writing isn't just about throwing words on a page and getting literal meaning across; nuance is so much more important!

btw it's woolsey

Whoops. Hence why its good to proofread! Woolsey. Got it.  :angel:


Quote from: Rodimus Primal on June 02, 2013, 11:18:00 PMWas this a bug in the Japanese release or just the US one?
Every single bug originated from the Japanese version. :thumbsup: - Randomize your FF6 experience!


Wait, did you change it to Zigfried or Ziegfried?

Quote from: Gideon Zhi on June 03, 2013, 12:34:01 AM
I really wish more people would understand this. Writing isn't just about throwing words on a page and getting literal meaning across; nuance is so much more important!
no it is not. any thinking automaton need only receive a direct accounting of events to understand fictional content as diction and connotation are devoid of referenceable meaning. [bip whirr click]—whoops, left my arguebot on. He thinks he's people.

Okay, I am just getting a little off topic, but I always thought some games have scripts that are a bit on the wizardly side considering the engines feature none of the usual typographic fallbacks for English prose. FF6 and CT certainly count. Magic! M-A-G-I-C!
we are in a horrible and deadly danger

Rodimus Primal

In the text it says Ziegfried in some captions and Sigfried in others within the same context. The question is, are we dealing with two different characters or one? From what I'm researching its one character. Looks like I'll be going back in and changing it to Siegfried.


Two. Only the one in the colosseum is the real Siegfried. From a cursory search, there seems to be no indication that the Phantom Train guy is the impostor in the Japanese version (other than what the real Siegfried tells you, and trivia in a couple of factbooks), and my guess is that there is some merit to the 'Ziegfried is an impostor Siegfried' theory, but if it is true, Woolsey may have messed it up in multiple places (like, which one is Ultros talking about?). That's probably why the retranslation just makes him Siegfried all the way through: because the Japanese does.
we are in a horrible and deadly danger

Rodimus Primal

So it would make sense by calling them both Siegfried but letting the one in the Colosseum say what he does about the imposter without altering it.


Great idea, Rodimus Primal! You might want to check out Lina Darkstar's translation, if you haven't:

Rodimus Primal

I went ahead and started reading some of Lina Darkstars notes and there are times where I realize the mistakes and other times its nitpicking. Woolsey was one who really knew how to say more with less. But I expanded some conversations in some places but tried to keep the Woolsey feel to it. Sometimes I inserted a GBA/Lina/RPGONE line, or my own variation of it to correct the translation. Things like Cyan's intro comes to mind. With certain lines I'm open to suggestions. Especially the Poisoning scenes with King Doma, and Cyan's family. I went to proofread my lines and want to make sure it fits. I'm up to the Esper World scenes now.


Sounds great. Yet another that may be of help to you is kwhazit's translations:

Rodimus Primal

Mmm.... would it make sense to make all of Doma speak like Cyan? It would put more meaning behind his eloquant speech.

June 04, 2013, 11:08:14 AM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Thanks Killer Bob. That one is helping with the Doma scenes. I'm trying my best to keep Woolsey's nuance with accurate translation.


In the Japanese, nobody else in Doma speaks like Cyan.

Beware any translation's ability to accurately convey the original meaning, even literally. It is very much seeing in a glass darkly.

And eloquent is hardly how I'd describe how he talks! :o
we are in a horrible and deadly danger

Rodimus Primal

True. Eloquent, no, but certainly formal. The thing about the way he talks is that he has a lot of "thou" and "sir" in the NA translation but obviously he would talk more like a high ranking samurai in Japanese, hence the soldier from a foreign land bit in his intro.