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Survival Kids 2: Escape the Twin Islands

Started by hattontown, April 22, 2013, 07:40:16 AM

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Not a problem! been lurking in this thread for well over a year and I will continue to lurk until it is complete.

Glad you guys are waiting until it is 100% instead of doing multiple releases as it progressed.

Keep up the good work and I  will be here waiting with my flashcart when you are done  :beer:


Hey everyone. Quick note to say I believe I just finished translating all the strings in the game which have not been translated. Now, I think USC is gonna put them into the game (whenever he has time) and we should be all set. No promises on a release date, but I wanted you to know we are super, super close.

Please note that the translation won't be 100% perfect. In several locations we could only find the string in the game's code, not actually in the game itself. That means I had to do my best to translate it without context. Though the game will be 100% playable and understandable, it won't be 100% perfect. So we're asking you to keep your eyes open for broken strings, or text that doesn't make sense.

Anyways, stay patient. We're almost there.


I can't wait :O
I'm going to play right away and let you know if i see something that seems wrong.
Good luck with  the release!


I am super-thrilled! My GB-flashcard is so damn ready for this  :thumbsup:


Hoo boy, I can't wait! Thanks again for this guys, the hard work you've put into this is really, really appreciated!


Hey everyone! I don't want to steal Hattontown's thunder, but I think he's going to have a very exciting announcement about the release date for this translation in the very near future!

Also, fun fact: The game is compatible with the original GameBoy, so if you want to have that classic black and white film experience while playing, you can!

(Also if you're too poor to afford anything but an original GameBoy in 2015, you can still play this game! Woot!)


Greatest Ramen

Me too! Dare I say this is my most-excited release of 2015?  :)


Quote from: Greatest Ramen on February 03, 2015, 10:28:49 AM
Me too! Dare I say this is my most-excited release of 2015?  :)

Check out the Stranded Deep too :)




I m getting a " You are not the owner of this file! Access Denied!" when I click the link, anyone else with this prob?


Well... Crap. Sorry about that. I've also submitted the patch for approval on the "Translations" section of You can see its status here:

It should be approved within a day or two, hopefully.


Don't Worry Mate, I guess we'll wait till its approved and we Download it from there! Thank you all for your hardwork so we can all appreciate this game!


You are not the owner of this file access denied :(
Gotta wait for it to be confirmed its still pending


Alright- I don't want to keep y'all waiting any longer. Here, use this link until approval clears through

I just want to thank USC and my Japanese teacher again. When this project started, I was new to Japan and didn't speak any Japanese at all. I lived in Japan for three years, studied Japanese, passed the JLPT level 3, moved back to the US and finished this patch. You should always wonder where life will take you- it is an amazing, incredible experience. It is nothing you thought and everything you needed.

The only thing I ask of you is to do something. Just do something. I learned Japanese through a volunteer, and now I give this to you for free because I've gotten so many free things in my life. Share yourself with others- whatever you talent is, do it. Make someone brownies. Pick up trash at your park. Tutor some kid after school. It doesn't matter. Just do something.


:(   My computer is blocking dropbox!  argggggg!!!   I gotta wait until romhacking confirms it :(

Oh nvm I got it to download :)


Thank you very much, the first impression is amazing :D
Going to play this a lot. I'll tell you if i notice anything wrong.


This game is a HUGE improvement over the original :)
I love it
Thanks for all your hard work on this totally worth it.

This game is now number 1 on my most underrated gbc games of all time list XD



Awesome! Thank you for this great release! I've been waiting for this and revisited the thread many times since you first posted the topic :)