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Marvelous ~ mou hitotsu no takarajima

Started by tashi, March 19, 2012, 11:40:38 PM

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The very first thing I would like to do is apologize for my first post being one that breaks forum rules, but I don't quite know a better way to approach this. So, I am sorry in advance.

It seems this project is no longer in development (Which is a shame, even more so considering how far along it was) and I was hoping that maybe somebody who could get in contact with Tashi could get his permission (or he himself if he isn't too busy) could release the current version of the patch.

I would like to try this game but I don't feel I could do very well without  a patch, even if it isn't perfect I'd be extremely grateful for it.

Thank you, and sorry again.


Hey all, haven't updated in what feels like forever, because, well, no updates :)
Talked to several people about getting a VWF, but it never worked out, and I've sort of lost interest/moved on.

I really wanted to polish this up and make it shiny and wonderful, and knew that a "beta" patch release would steal a lot of thunder from a potential proper release, but who knows if that will ever happen?

Here's my most recent play test build (June 2012). Merry Christmas :>

The zip file contains a folder called "marvplaytestbuild" with an IPS patch, an xdelta patch, a readme with some info, and the script (Japanese/English).

The first thing you'll notice when you start the game is a scrolling Japanese text wall. Oops. Then an untranslated title screen (oops) and then a Japanese team name select screen. If you hit L/R you can get to English letters. Then the game will start and it should be more or less English.


a test patch is better than nothing for those who don't understand japanese like me :(

i finished the game btw, thanks again tashi for translating it!


If you need I can help testing on real hardware. I have a SA-1 dev cart I made.


Is the translation still gonna be continuing soon?


SkinnyV, just for my own curiosity, I would be interested in knowing whether it runs on real hardware.

DSwizzy145, unfortunately no, it won't be continuing soon. In all likelihood, it won't continue. I've done what I can to the limits of my ability, and have "settled" with that. There might be a German or French version someday that will likely be more complete.

warren, glad you could play it :)


I tried it on real hardware and it seem to run fine. What a weird game though, I wasn't expecting that lol. I tried it without any prior knowledge of the game and it was a bit unexpected ;D


If this might be as complete as it gets, perhaps this patch ought be posted on the romhacking main-site; so more people can be aware of it, and enjoy it

Just started the game personally, and everything looks pretty good so far (very quality translation)  :thumbsup:

I'm a big fan of action-oriented RPGs, so its always a good thing when a new one is playable, in a language I can understand


You should submit this preview as a news for the main site (using the submissions link) and mention that the game runs on the Zelda 3 engine and was produced by the people behind Ocarina of Time. Your work deserves much more attention, even though the translation may be discontinued.