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    Fixed link in description
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    Since this game was originally released only in Japan, it doesn't make sense to have the alternate English title (which is official, by the way) as the main title.
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    Swapped titles (Yes, I know this game was released in the US, but this is the Famicom Disk System version which was a Japan exclusive.)
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    v2.1.1 changes: Fixes bosses not actually using easy hit count due to typo. Also includes a patch for both revision 0 and 1 previous it only had a revision 0 patch.

Lunar Address C# Library

Source Code


This includes non-UI assets from the incomplete Lunar Address C# port. Think of it as a code library you can use in your programs, as long as you abide by the GPL3 license.

Originally, when FCandChill was reverse engineering Lunar Address, he was remaking everything from code to UI. Per Klarth’s suggestion, FCandChill made it multi-platform. You can check out Lunar Address JS here:

FCandChill also figured it was pointless to remake Lunar Address’s UI one to one because it was a bit more effort than it was worth and also people would complain if it wasn’t 100% like it.

For up-to-date source code, visit the Bitbucket repository below:


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