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Phantasy Star (Classic Series) Hacking Guide



Want to make some your own changes to the classic Phantasy Star games? Think the PS hacks out there all suck?

Thanks to dedicated fans, each PS game has been disassembled, meaning that no programming skills are needed to make your perfect version! As long as you can spell and count, you too can be a PS hacker.

You can:

  • -Edit the script (anything from cleaning up a few lines to inserting your own fanfic plot into the game. Think Rolf/Eusis should get with one of the party members at the end of PSII? Make it happen!)
  • -Change monster/weapon properties (buff otherwise worthless weapons; change the contents of treasure chests; control what monmsters appear where)
  • -Change characters’ skill tree and stats per level
  • -Insert your non-English script into the game to make PS available to a new audience (Brazilian Portuguese, for instance).

This is a layman’s guide to get started with PS hacking, written by a PSIV hacker with no prior experience or programming skills. This guide will teach you what controls what in the files, what programs you need, etc.

It’s pretty easy, once you know what you’re doing! If you have further questions, email the author or try the PS Cave Discord (invite in the doc). Now go save Algol, as you envision it!


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