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4 Documents
Zelda 2 ROM ExpansionNESGame Specific20 Jul 2013
Lost Woods & Lost Hills HackingNESGame Specific17 Jun 2009
Comprehensive Guide to SMB1 Music HackingNESGame Specific01 Apr 2008
Zelda Overworld Color HackingNESPalette Hacking07 Sep 2006

5 Hacks
The Legend of IowaNESComplete20 Apr 2015
SxROM Mario Bros.NESImprovement10 Nov 2012
Super Mario UnlimitedNESComplete17 Jan 2012
EnigmarioNESImprovement23 Mar 2008
Super Catholic Bros.NESComplete24 Dec 2007


7 Translations
Major League (EN)Hacking
Emoyan no 10 Bai Pro Yakyuu (EN)HackingAdvanced hacking
Gunhed: Aratanaru Tatakai (EN)HackingItem name expansion
Plasma Ball (EN)HackingAdvanced modifications to ROM.
SD Gundam: Gachapon Senshi 3 - Eiyuu Senki (EN)HackingExpansion of ROM and name fields
Nice de Shot (EN)HackingHelped with some of the menus that had compression.
Might and Magic: Book Two (EN)HackingAdvanced modifications

7 Hacks
Super Mario Unlimited - DeluxeMusicMusic composition and music engine hacking on original Super Mario Unlimited
The Legend of IowaHacking
Mother: 25th Anniversary EditionHackingAnti-Piracy removal
SxROM Mario Bros.Hacking
Super Mario UnlimitedMusic
Super Catholic Bros.Hacking