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    I remove some sentences to let it describe the hack is all about and not pander to woke western political statements
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    For some unknown reason, the site claimed my account doesn’t exist, so I recreated it using my E-mail and wanted to check if a small edit works just as fine.
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    Due to the fact that CajeASM hasn't been updated by me for many years, still has some odd bugs regarding instruction counter and due to the fact that (nowadays) better alternatives exist now, I've decided to delete this tool from this website. An alternative assembler I can recommend is bass, currently maintained by ARM9. To be found here:
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    Upon further play, I discovered this hack broke an integral system to the game (the dash function).




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5 Hacks
Missile Door HackGBAImprovement07 Dec 2007
Crocomire DemoGBAComplete07 Dec 2007
Clipdata HackGBAImprovement07 Dec 2007
Crocomire HackGBAImprovement07 Dec 2007
Menu HackGBAImprovement07 Dec 2007


8 Hacks
Metroid Zero Mission: DeluxeOriginal HackingASM patches
Metroid Complete MissionOriginal HackingCreated ASM For Working Crocomire
Metroid: Zero Mission - Chozo Hint Statue RemovalOriginal HackingCreator of the 'Menu Hack/Item Toggle' patch
Missile Door HackHacking
Crocomire DemoHacking
Clipdata HackHacking
Crocomire HackHacking
Menu HackHacking