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    some people are having issues setting up the software. added youtube link with instructions
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    Fixed readme file versioning error. Nothing else was changed, and nothing in the game files themselves.
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    Corrected description - the game is actually for the Wonderswan Color. Also removing an off-place dot between "Knight" and "is".
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    add logo




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1 Document
How to Use SMBEDNESGame Specific11 Jan 2008

1 Utility
SMB Graphics WorkshopNESGraphics Editors02 Oct 2008

4 Hacks
Super Mario Unlimited - DeluxeNESComplete26 Mar 2021
SMB Special for NESNESComplete05 Mar 2012
Super Mario UnlimitedNESComplete17 Jan 2012
Super Mario Bros. 5000NESComplete01 Jan 2004


9 Hacks
Super Mario Unlimited - DeluxeHackingAsm, Levels, Graphics, new music in Deluxe version
Super Mario Bros. Special - Layout FixOriginal Hacking
Super Mario 16 de Septiembre PackOriginal Hacking
Super Mario Bros. Special for NESOriginal HackingOriginal Release: Engine Hacking, Level Editing, Graphic Design
SUPER MARIO BROS Special X1 for NESOriginal HackingOriginal Release: Engine Hacking, Level Editing, Graphic Design
SMB Special for NESHackingEngine Hacking, Level Editing, Graphic Design
Super Mario UnlimitedHacking
Mario SeasonsHackingMapper implementation fixes
Super Mario Bros. 5000Levels