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S. K. Dumbbus



Like Darkwing Duck I’m the shadow that walks behind you,

The Romhack that flaps in the wind..

Original Whirlpool Lurker.

Original Dragon Eye Studio’s Forum Member.

Dedicated Community Member of

PC Mod Author 1995 - 2017

Rom Hacker 2001 - 2022

Nexus Mod Author 2015 - 2018

2022 M.U.G.E.N, NesMaker, Retro Puzzle Maker, and the 8bitWorkshop IDE.

AKA The NES Developer Debiru

I have mostly moved on from just romhacking to modifying game engines, making my own NES Games, and other example ROMs. I am more geared toward making my own games but I still hack games too.



2 Documents
Marble Madness High Scored DataNESGame Specific15 Sep 2022
Super Mario Brothers 1 Level Map BytesNESGame Specific19 Apr 2008

3 Translations
Ninjara Hoi! (EN)NESAddendum01 Jan 2017
GeGeGe no Kitarou 2: Youkai Gundan no Chousen (EN)NESAddendum27 Mar 2010
Akuma-kun: Makai no Wana (EN)NESUnfinished29 Dec 2013

21 Hacks
1943 UNROM to MMC3 HackNESImprovement24 Oct 2022
1493 - The Year AfterNESComplete29 Mar 2018
Implausible Pac-ManNESComplete04 Oct 2017
Ms. Pac-Man GraphicsNESImprovement09 May 2017
Thunder Force 3NESComplete17 Apr 2017
Trans Formers ZNESComplete17 Apr 2017
Air Fortress 2NESComplete17 Apr 2017
Klowneer's Marble MadnessNESImprovement15 Sep 2022
Xtra Promo Super Mario BrosNESComplete07 Jul 2007
Karate ChampedNESImprovement26 Jan 2017

1 Homebrew
I Love U Replika2600Hardware Tests


3 Translations
GeGeGe no Kitarou 2: Youkai Gundan no Chousen (EN)Original HackingSpooky Kitaro 2 Password Fix patch; Original patch used in Spooky Kitaro 2 - Password Menu Fix patc
GeGeGe no Kitarou 2: Youkai Gundan no Chousen (EN)HackingSpooky Kitaro 2 Password Fix patch
Akuma-kun: Makai no Wana (EN)Hacking

16 Hacks
Mighty Morphin Power RangersHacking
Thunder Force 3Hacking
Trans Formers ZHacking
Air Fortress 2Hacking
Xtra Promo Super Mario BrosHacking
Karate ChampedHacking
Dragon DestinyHacking
Phantasy Star 2 Fuzzical FighterHacking
Squashed ReversedHacking