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EvieMelodylvsoulmate4ever (Discord channel #3213) and EvieMelody are aliases of forums user Torchickens.

Torchickens experimented with translating small portions of the Game Boy Advance game The Legendary Starfy since 2013 through 2017 including on the forums, YouTube and a (now broken) Google Sites page in which a beta of the project could be downloaded. This ‘beta’ was later updated to include pablitox amd Higsby’s additions.

Torchickens (with pablitox) founded the Discord channel “Starfy Translation Team”, a The Legendary Starfy series translation team in 2017, in which other users would later join. The majority of the text in the game is translated by Higsby and Jamie (Torchickens did a little work such as on the initial stage and the zukan but most of the text in the game has been added/revised by the newer members of the team).

Torchickens (since 2017) no longer works on translation or ROM hacking related work on the The Legendary Starfy series for Starfy Translation Team, instead credited as “production”/”project lead” and has the role of overlooking the project (being a founder/moderator of the Discord channel) with occasional suggestions from team without directly being involved.

On 23 September 2023, Megahog2015 (a graphics hacker in Starfy Translation Team) officially released the completed fan translation to




1 Translation
Densetsu no Starfy (EN)Production