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    hello, I would like to request that my username be changed to "sonikchilidog". the reason i am requesting this is because another person online wishes to use "sonicchilidog"; my old tag, as their alias on other platforms (and has done so already). i also wish to keep my online identity as consistent as possible, as I have already changed most accounts to the new name shortly after I created the romhacking account, so i don't want people to confuse the two of us. tysm
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Tales Translations



Tales Translations focuses in translations from either English or Japanese to Spanish language.

We are currently traslating Tales of Vesperia for XBOX 360 and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yakusoku for PSP.

Official blog.



5 Translations
Banjo-Kazooie (ES)N64Fully Playable01 Sep 2013
Radiant Historia (ES)NDSFully Playable28 May 2013
Tales of Destiny (ES)PSXFully Playable02 Oct 2010
Tales of the Abyss (ES)PS2Fully Playable19 Jul 2008
Tales of Destiny II (ES)PSXFully Playable05 Jan 2007