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4 Hacks
Castlevania - High Budget RemakeNESImprovement05 Oct 2005
Castlevania: Chorus of MysteriesNESComplete18 Jun 2007
Legend of Zelda: Curse From The OutskirtsNESComplete03 Jul 2003
Orchestra of DespairNESComplete05 Feb 2005


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Tetris Attack (EN)GraphicsTitle Logo Design

5 Hacks
Castlevania: The Holy RelicsGraphicsSprite graphics
Final Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenGraphicsFor creating the enemy sprites for Soldier, Guard Scorpion, Air Buster, Safer Sephiroth, and "B
Castlevania: Chorus of MysteriesHackingGraphics
Orchestra of DespairHacking
Legend of Zelda: Curse From The OutskirtsHacking