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Working part-time on all of my translations because of university and its demands.

You can get hold of me on the forums. Blogspot (Last post in 2009).




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Romance of Forgotten Kingdom Staff Roll Image File FormatPCFile Formats09 Oct 2011
Shift-JIS TableN/ATable Files14 Sep 2009
JIS X 0213 TableN/ATable Files07 Jun 2009
JIS X 0201 TableN/ATable Files06 Jun 2009
JIS X 0211 TableN/ATable Files06 Jun 2009
Pokémon Gold/Silver Scripting CompendiumGBGame Specific21 Jul 2006

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Thingy32 Unofficial Locale FixN/AHex Editors15 Nov 2008


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Final Fantasy XII International: Zodiac Job System (EN)Script Editing/RevisionHelped to fix names of items.
Super Ultra Baseball 2 (EN)GraphicsGraphics Decompression