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    Updated avatar, the previous one was outdated since September 2022.
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    Updated the package to again contain older milestone versions of the hack. I completely forgot to add them. The current version of the hack itself is the same, so no need to change version.
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    Checksum of patched CDI has changed after fix done to initial 1.0 release shortly after submission.
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    Previously mentioned TwistC as doing hardware testing before I discovered that testers aren't supposed to be listed here. However, the truth is that they actually designed the hack and decided which buttons should go where (which I then implemented).
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    Actually, the region lock is bypassed.




Part of the core staff to Dynamic Designs, creator of ROM utilities and documentations, and coder for various translation projects.



6 Documents
Silva Saga 2 VWFSNESSource Code25 Oct 2008
FF1 Magic NotesNESGame Specific01 Apr 2008
RecompressionSNESSource Code20 Apr 2006
Decompression of SNES fontsSNESAssembly20 Apr 2006
6502 ASM CodesNESAssembly10 Aug 1999
Coding Dictionary/DTE compression routines in SNES romsSNESAssembly19 Jan 2001

9 Utilities
Dragon Warrior IV: Miscellaneous Text UtilityNESGame Specific09 Dec 2007
TMapEditSNESMiscellaneous Graphics Tools19 Feb 2008
Checksum RecalculatorSNESMiscellaneous20 Jul 2002
Dragon Warrior 4 Text UtilityNESScript Extraction / Insertion07 Dec 2007
WindFontN/AMiscellaneous Graphics Tools09 Oct 2006
WindHex32N/AHex Editors29 Jul 2007
Direct32N/AHex Editors17 Oct 2001
Direct Hex-EditN/AHex Editors02 Apr 2000
TileEditMultipleGraphics Editors07 Nov 2000


50 Translations
Power of the Hired (RO)HackingCoding, assembly and tools.
Galaxy Robo (RO)HackingCoding, assembly and tools.
Power of the Hired (EN)Hacking
Shiki Eiyuuden (EN)Hacking
Märchen Adventure Cotton 100% (FR)Hackinghacking help
Daikaijuu Monogatari II (EN)Hacking
Aretha II - Ariel no Fushigi na Tabi (EN)HackingPrimary hacking and ASM work
Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Bakutou Ankoku Bujutsu Kai (EN)HackingGraphic Compression Tools
Ranma 1/2: Chougi Ranbu Hen (RO)HackingAssembly
Aretha (EN)HackingAssembly/Tools