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    Edited website URL to my new website
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    Download now comes equipped with the entire guide from the old website, optimized for .pdf format. Includes an additional folder with all maps for the game.
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    Updated description & readme to reflect new handle of translation contributor
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    CRC32 listed in entry are false and doesn't correspond to anything Patched rom with corrected CRC32 has been verified to work

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New Clu Clu Land (FDS-hack)FDSImprovement03 Jun 2013
Donkey Kong (Original Edition) savepatchNESImprovement10 May 2013
Donkey Kong (save-patch)NESImprovement07 May 2013
Duck Hunt VS (NES-patch)ARCImprovement04 May 2013
Excitebike w/ SRAM + MMC1 MapperNESImprovement01 Apr 2013