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Rusty Hackmix



Hello, I’m Rusty the Lego, and here I will share my romhacks (Some recent, some old)

I started with this stuff since 2018 (with a simple Sonic 2 hack) And mostly I made hacks of Atari 2600 games and NES.

And well, that’s it :)



5 Hacks
Rusty Adventure SMSSMSComplete22 Jan 2021
Rusty in Sonic 1GENImprovement23 Jun 2022
MK: Rusty Takeover 64N64Improvement29 May 2022
Q*Bert Arcade SpritesNESImprovement31 May 2022
Super Rusty BrosNESImprovement12 Jun 2020


5 Hacks
Rusty Adventure SMSHackingAll the hacking
Rusty in Sonic 1HackingGraphics edit, text and character
MK: Rusty Takeover 64HackingSprites, text editing, most of the voices
Q*Bert Arcade SpritesGraphicsSprites editing
Super Rusty BrosHackingGraphics and Text editing