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1 Document
Contra - Hacking GuideNESGame Specific29 Jan 2016

6 Utilities
Red FalconNESGame Specific24 May 2015
BobbliciousNESGame Specific07 Nov 2013
BikerNESGame Specific11 Apr 2013
Nuts & BoltsNESGame Specific01 Jul 2008
ArkalavistaNESGame Specific28 Aug 2013
ZII Game EditorNESGame Specific10 Jun 2007

2 Hacks
Contra - Mountain ChallengeNESComplete21 Dec 2013
Revenge of the Red FalconNESComplete15 Jan 2016


1 Translation
Kawa no Nushi Tsuri (EN)HackingRecoding pointers in the ROM.

15 Hacks
Contra Cay Editor 4Original HackingRed Falcon Editor
Zelda II - Adventures of Marisa KirisameOriginal HackingZelda 2 Disassembly
Zelda II - Amida's CurseHackingHacking and ASM
The Legend of Zelda: Whistle of SteamHacking
The Legend of Zelda 2021Hacking
The Legend of Zelda ReduxOriginal WorkZelda 1 Disassembly, Help and Feedback
The Legend of Zelda - Perils of DarknessMusicTitle Screen Music
Zelda 2 ReduxHackingZelda 2 Disassembly, Help and Feedback
93' OptimizedOriginal HackingOrig. Enemies' Attributes Hacking
Hard Mode of ContraOriginal HackingEnemies' attributes hacking