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  • Translations
    fixed the URL that someone else added to my previous submission. not sure why the NINJA disclaimer is needed at all? it's not like the online ROM patcher doesn't support it
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    This game was released in the US in 2019 as Trials of Mana. Because that is the earliest official English title I changed it to Primary Title.
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    this should be an Addendum, since it's based off the work of a different translation project
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    removed Whirlpool-era subjective opinions (plus the ridiculous and unnecessary "NINJA is superior to IPS" paragraph)




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6 Utilities
PSX VRAM Viewer (updated)PSXGraphics Viewers05 Dec 2020
PSX VRAM Viewer hacked for NO$PSXPSXGraphics Viewers30 Jul 2017
Psx V-RamPSXGraphics Viewers09 Feb 2007
isopatchPSXPatching27 Dec 2004
PCSX Agemo debuggerPSXDebuggers / Special Emulators04 Sep 2004
Valkyrie Profile ISO FixPSXROM / ISO Identification15 Jan 2000

3 Translations
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (ZH)PSXFully Playable27 Feb 2013
Valkyrie Profile (ZH)PSXFully Playable15 Jan 2005
Xenogears (ZH)PSXFully Playable01 Aug 2004


5 Translations
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (ZH)ProductionASM Hacking, Minor Translating, Music Mode Creating, Solved BIOS Issues (Able to on console)
Grandia (ZH)Hacking
Silent Hill (ZH)Script Editing/RevisionHacking
Valkyrie Profile (ZH)Hacking"Otherworld" Seraphic Gate Designing
Xenogears (ZH)HackingPatch Debugging for PS1 Console