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1 Translation
Clash at Demonhead (EN)NESUnfinished18 Apr 2023

9 Hacks
Ninja Ryukenden III Hidden Slash 5-in-1 modeNESImprovement04 Apr 2023
KAGE - WeaponSelect Both-player 5-in-1 ModeNESImprovement12 Apr 2023
Ninja Ryukenden II - 5 Difficulty modes in 1NESImprovement30 Sep 2022
Kick Master - Magic User's ModeNESImprovement29 Oct 2022
Power Blade 2 - ReverseThrow, 4 difficultiesNESImprovement21 Apr 2023
Gun-Dec 4HP GUN Mode (translated)NESImprovement19 Aug 2022
Ninja Cat - STAMINA modeNESImprovement31 Dec 2022
NYankies 5HP 3HP 1HP (translated)NESImprovement04 Jun 2023
3 Eyes Boy 3HP&2HP hardmode (translated)NESImprovement05 Apr 2023