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5 Hacks
Super HitCombo Kart - Snowland CitySNESComplete17 May 2022
Super HitCombo Kart- Snowland Version 2.0SNESComplete15 Jan 2022
Super HitCombo Kart - Night CitySNESComplete13 May 2022
Super HitCombo Kart - Snowland VersionSNESComplete13 May 2022
Super HitCombo KartSNESComplete13 May 2022


4 Hacks
Super HitCombo Kart - Snowland CityLevelsTracks and BG creator
Super HitCombo Kart- Snowland Version 2.0LevelsCreators of tracks and BG's
Super HitCombo Kart - Snowland VersionGraphicsTracks and BG creator
Super HitCombo KartLevelsCreators of tracks