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7 Hacks
Adventures of Batman & Robin (FastROM)SNESImprovement17 Jan 2022
Parodius Da! (Japan) FastROMSNESImprovement19 Dec 2021
Power Rangers - The Movie FastROMSNESImprovement27 Nov 2021
Final Fight Guy (Japan) FastROMSNESImprovement21 Nov 2021
Contra III: The Alien Wars FastROMSNESImprovement15 Nov 2021
Magical Quest 3 FastROMSNESImprovement11 Nov 2021
SNES's Aladdin FastROMSNESImprovement09 Nov 2021


7 Hacks
Adventures of Batman & Robin (FastROM)HackingFix FastROM bit
Parodius Da! (Japan) FastROMHackingFastROM Conversion
Power Rangers - The Movie FastROMHackingFastROM Conversion
Final Fight Guy (Japan) FastROMHackingFastROM Conversion
Contra III: The Alien Wars FastROMHackingFastROM Conversion
Magical Quest 3 FastROMHackingFix FastROM bit
SNES's Aladdin FastROMHackingFixed FastROM bit