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Hi, I’m seohaine a n64 romhacker. I’ll be posting my mods here I hope you like them guys

Medias for stay tuned about my modding projects and how to make them.



1 Utility
TKMK00 to MIO0N64Miscellaneous Graphics Tools01 Sep 2021

6 Hacks
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time STAMINA BARN64Improvement11 Oct 2022
Pokemon Stadium FusionN64Improvement01 Sep 2022
Mario Kart 64 CHAOS BLASTN64Improvement13 Jul 2022
Mario Kart 64 Mega Mushroom BlastN64Improvement01 May 2022
Mario kart 64 RandomizedN64Improvement19 Jul 2021
F-Zero ZX OverdriveN64Improvement18 Apr 2022