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BKI is responsible for various projects including ROM hacks, ROM editors, and music/audio related projects.



11 Utilities
Lufia and the Fortress of Doom Multi EditorSNESGame Specific02 Apr 2014
Secret of Mana Level & Stat EditorSNESGame Specific11 Nov 2011
Final Lap Twin ToolboxTG16Game Specific23 Jan 2014
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Player EditorSNESGame Specific09 May 2013
SPC Sample Index EditorSNESSound01 Dec 2007
Chrono Trigger Editor CompanionSNESGame Specific02 Feb 2005
FF2us Multi EditorSNESGame Specific02 Nov 2004
Mystic Quest Multi EditorSNESGame Specific14 Nov 2005
BBD to SRMSNESMiscellaneous26 Mar 2004
Final Fantasy IV Advance EditorGBAGame Specific31 Dec 2005

31 Hacks
Lufia: And the Fortress of Doom Fast WalkerSNESImprovement27 Dec 2011
Final Lap Twin ChallengeTG16Improvement24 Jan 2014
Final Fantasy I LiteMSXImprovement20 Feb 2014
Supreme Warrior Easy3DOImprovement12 Feb 2014
Final Fantasy I No Magic ChallengeNESImprovement13 Feb 2014
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Roster ModSNESImprovement25 Jul 2012
Mystic Quest RebornSNESImprovement15 Jun 2012
Mystic Ark EasyTypeSNESImprovement17 Nov 2011
Breath of Fire II EasyTypeSNESImprovement18 Nov 2011
Arcana EasyTypeSNESImprovement17 Nov 2011


35 Hacks
Lufia & the Fortress of Doom RestoredHackingWalk Faster, Lufia 1 Multi-Editor
FFIV - Break Damage LimitHackingEffective Damage Limits
Return of the Dark SorcererMusicA few song hacks from other games
Lufia: And the Fortress of Doom Fast WalkerHacking
Final Lap Twin ChallengeHacking
Final Fantasy I LiteHacking
Supreme Warrior EasyHacking
Final Fantasy I No Magic ChallengeHacking
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Roster ModHackingCoder
Mystic Quest RebornOriginal HackingOverall coder and design