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  • M26G
  • Romhacker of several games, especially NES but not only.



    2 Translations
    Ms. Pac-Man (Tengen) (FR)NESFully Playable26 Aug 2023
    Felix the Cat (FR)NESFully Playable25 Oct 2022

    9 Hacks
    Ms. Pac Man - Strange MazesNESComplete20 Aug 2023
    Super Mario Kart with Completely Randomized ItemsSNESImprovement09 Aug 2023
    Battle City Volcano EditionNESComplete23 Jul 2023
    Anna's Fantasy CrusadeNESComplete13 Aug 2023
    Doki Doki SMB1 ClubNESImprovement14 Jul 2023
    Super Mario Kart - Expert QuestSNESComplete26 Jul 2023
    Super Mario Bros - Girls OdysseyNESComplete30 Aug 2021
    Super Mario Bros - Another AdventureNESComplete31 Aug 2021
    Battle City IIINESComplete30 Jun 2021


    2 Translations
    Ms. Pac-Man (Tengen) (FR)Original Translation
    Felix the Cat (FR)Original Translation

    9 Hacks
    Ms. Pac Man - Strange MazesOriginal Hacking
    Super Mario Kart with Completely Randomized ItemsOriginal Hacking
    Battle City Volcano EditionOriginal Hacking
    Anna's Fantasy CrusadeOriginal Hacking
    Doki Doki SMB1 ClubOriginal Hacking
    Super Mario Kart - Expert QuestOriginal Hacking
    Super Mario Bros - Girls OdysseyOriginal Hacking
    Super Mario Bros - Another AdventureLevels
    Battle City IIILevels