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Insectduel was born in New York City in the Bronx and raised by his family. He started ROM-Hacking about the year 2004 when his neighbor brought his old computer into his home and after his brother downloads some stuff from Zophar’s Domain.

His first hack is Super Mario Bros. 3 the lost levels for the Super NES version. Until November 2007, the hack was removed from Insectduel’s Domain in order to re-create the project from scratch.

He is currently continued to motivate ROM-Hacking to prove what Insectduel can do.

Whenever he is not ROM-Hacking, he sometimes posts some videos on You Tube based on ROM-Hacking, and plays Yu-Gi-Oh with his friends.



3 Documents
Mega Man Title Screen Sound CodeNESGame Specific27 Sep 2010
The Huge Super Mario Bros. 3 Data for Super NESSNESGame Specific01 Jan 2005
SMB3 Level DataSNESGame Specific15 Apr 2006

1 Utility
ISD SMB UtilNESLevel Editors21 Apr 2008

13 Hacks
Mega Man at the Tokyo OlympicsNESComplete22 Aug 2021
Metal Blades for Mega Man 3NESImprovement30 Sep 2008
SMB ExtendedNESComplete17 Nov 2012
Haikei (Rockman 4)NESImprovement10 Sep 2012
SMB3J Damage SystemSNESImprovement19 Mar 2012
Insectduel's SMB1 Hack 6th Anniversary EditionNESComplete19 Nov 2011
Mega Man Showdown IVNESComplete30 Apr 2009
Smb2jplus 2FDSComplete19 Feb 2007
SMB Paradyce2jFDSImprovement15 Mar 2006
SMB ParadyceNESImprovement15 Mar 2006


20 Hacks
Koopa in a HurryGraphicsSome graphics from Super Mario Bros. Paradyce hack
SMB Paradyce Co-OpOriginal WorkSMB Paradyce GFX Hack
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Ridley X Hack 7HackingDahrkDaiz´s Bomb Lakitu (Wakitu) ips file
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Ridley X Hack 6HackingDahrkDaiz´s Bomb Lakitu (Wakitu) ips file
Super Mario Bros 3 - The Ultimate Custom Level ChaosHackingSMA4 Thwomps NES
Super Mario Bros 3 - Ultimate Custom Level ChaosHackingWendy O. Koopa Stunning Ability, SMA4 Thwomps, Frank's 2nd SMAS HandTrap #3
SMB3 ModifiedHackingWendy O. Koopa Stunning Ability, SMA4 Thwomps
Super Mario Bros 3 - Custom Level ChaosLevelsWorld 1 Fortress
Metal Blades for Mega Man 3Hacking
SMB ExtendedHacking