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A Nintendo DS ROMhacker, specializing in games from his childhood.



1 Document
Entities.ebp DocumentationNDSGame Specific28 Jul 2023

5 Utilities
Fossil Fighters RandomizerNDSGame Specific02 Sep 2023
Fossil Fighters Graphics EditorNDSMiscellaneous Graphics Tools11 Nov 2023
RPG Maker GB Message EditorGBGame Specific08 Aug 2023
Starfy Music RandomizerNDSSound22 Aug 2023
Entities EditorNDSGame Specific16 Jul 2023

2 Translations
Super Mario Bros. (LA)NESFully Playable11 Jun 2023
RPG Tsukuru GB (EN)GBAddendum15 Aug 2023

12 Hacks
Opening Movie TextNDSImprovement14 Mar 2023
Multiple Special VivosaursNDSImprovement03 Nov 2022
Sensible FP RechargeNDSImprovement30 Sep 2022
Unused Move RestorationNDSImprovement27 Sep 2022
OEA All-in-OneNDSImprovement22 Apr 2022
All Multiplayer Maps EarlyNDSImprovement22 Apr 2022
DogistadorNDSImprovement22 Apr 2022
Gemma on the Title ScreenNDSImprovement22 Apr 2022
Plantations No MoreNDSImprovement11 Dec 2021
ASM MachinaGBImprovement11 Oct 2021


2 Translations
Super Mario Bros. (LA)TranslationDid the whole translation
RPG Tsukuru GB (EN)TranslationDid all the additional work

12 Hacks
Opening Movie TextGraphicsMade the hack
Multiple Special VivosaursHackingMade the hack
Sensible FP RechargeHackingmade the patch
Unused Move RestorationHackingMade the patch itself
OEA All-in-OneHackingMade the hacks
All Multiplayer Maps EarlyHackingMade the hack
DogistadorHackingMade the hack
Gemma on the Title ScreenGraphicsMade the hack
Plantations No MoreHackingI made the thing.
ASM MachinaHackingMade the Hack