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1 Hack
Wolfenstein 3D Jaguar fixJAGImprovement12 Jan 2021


8 Hacks
Silver Sonic: Rise of the Death EggHackingConverting the graphics to the right colors, HEX editing, moral support and being a great friend! :)
Silver Sonic: The RevengeGraphicsGraphics importing (Title screen mainly), intro and splash screens, being a great friend.
Metroid BlueOriginal WorkMoral support and being a great friend.
Metroid: Operation ExecutionDesignPlaytesting and idea giving.
Silver Sonic in Sonic 1GraphicsImplementing custom title screen graphic.
Doom 32x: Delta EditionHackingTweaking the music, helping in using the Dehacked utility, palette editing, and infighting restorati
Wolfenstein 3D Jaguar fixHackingThe creator
Thy Flesh Consumed 32xHackingAdded the improvements in the v1.1 update.