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Hey all, MrL314 here!

I do a lot of work on Super Mario Kart for the SNES. I have worked on disassembly or SMK, as well as reverse engineering and hack creation. Recently I was doing discoveries with the leaked Super Mario Kart data, and created an assembler to create the game from source, called Project L (aided by the wonderful Dirtbag)! If you have Super Mario Kart concerns, feel free to call me up!

I am also the founder of the SMK Workshop! If you want to contact me, please join the SMKWorkshop Discord here:

Alternatively, you may find me on

Twitter: @LF_MrL314



TCRF (with more info!): User:MrL314




2 Hacks
Starfox: EXHackingSuperFX Code, Music BIN unpacking
Mirror ModeHackingASM hacking, Intro, Reverse engineering