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Save everyone, okay?

I’m Lucas, known as LukeNovaes, Blogger, RetroGamer, Nerd, passionate about Old Games, Cinema and Horror Books, especially Stephen King.

I have 2 Blogs one About Pop Culture and the other about Game Modifications (The World of Hack Roms). I also have 2 Facebook Pages about Stephen King and his son Joe Hill and about Culture Geek.

Nowadays I can already say that I have my brand, as Resenhando Com Luke is already in almost all media. There’s the Youtube Channel, Twitch, Facebook, Whatsapp, Discord, Blog and it will grow even more, I’m happy when I write on Google Lukenovaes or Resenhando Com Luke and the first photo that appears is mine.

I also ventured into the world of ROM Hacks and created three based on the Super Mario Kart Game.

I’m from São Paulo, but I’ve lived in Bahia for 4 years (the 4 hottest years of my life kkkk), now I live in São Paulo and I built my family here. I have a son who sometimes plays with me and a stepson who always beats me on FreeFire.



8 Hacks
Super HitCombo Kart - Snowland CitySNESComplete17 May 2022
Super HitCombo Kart- Snowland Version 2.0SNESComplete15 Jan 2022
Super HitCombo Kart - Night CitySNESComplete13 May 2022
Super HitCombo Kart - Snowland VersionSNESComplete13 May 2022
Super MK vs SF Kart (Luke Version)SNESComplete24 Nov 2021
Super HitCombo KartSNESComplete13 May 2022
Super MK vs SF Kart (D83 Version)SNESComplete12 Sep 2021
Super Luke KartSNESComplete06 Nov 2022


3 Hacks
Super HitCombo Kart - Snowland CityGraphicsIara, Elson and Luke character modifier and A.I
Super HitCombo Kart- Snowland Version 2.0HackingA.I. and import of track terrain.
Super Mario Kart Featuring Retro HD & CDXGraphicsCreator of Iara, Luke, CDX and SHK tracks