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18 Translations
Mahou Kishi Rayearth (EN)GBFully Playable06 Jan 2023
Community Pom (EN)PSXFully Playable04 Oct 2021
Madou Monogatari I: Honoo no Sotsuenji (EN)TGCDFully Playable13 Dec 2020
Remote Control Dandy (EN)PSXFully Playable17 Nov 2020
Bahamut Senki (EN)GENFully Playable02 Jun 2020
Eternal Legend (EN)GGFully Playable15 May 2020
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (EN)TGCDFully Playable13 May 2020
Madou Monogatari I (EN)GENFully Playable13 May 2020
Madou Monogatari III: Kyuukyoku Joou-sama (EN)GGFully Playable14 Feb 2020
Madou Monogatari II: Arle 16-Sai (EN)GGFully Playable28 Jan 2020