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Dutch SNES Doom Modder and owner of the Cacodemontube and TubeWave YouTube Channels.



3 Hacks
Doom (SNES) - Just a "Normal" Doom ROM...SNESImprovement29 Aug 2022
Doom (SNES) - Super FX 1 VersionSNESImprovement23 Aug 2022
Doom (SNES) - Enable All Episodes with Every DifficultySNESImprovement14 Sep 2022


5 Hacks
Doom (SNES) - Just a "Normal" Doom ROM...HackingProgramming and ROM compiling
Doom (SNES) - Super FX 1 VersionHackingProgramming and ROM compiling
Doom (SNES) - Enable All Episodes with Every DifficultyHackingProgramming and ROM compiling
YTP Doom: AdvanceOriginal WorkDid the original work on the original project (Such as creating most if not all of the sprites, and
Pac-Doom SNESProductionHelping in using the utility.