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10 Hacks
Star Fox - Mouse ModeSNESComplete31 Jan 2022
Star Fox - Wireframe ModeSNESComplete04 Jan 2022
Starfox FASTROM 21mhz SuperFXSNESImprovement23 May 2022
Starwing (Germany) 21mhz SuperFXSNESComplete17 Dec 2021
Starfox (Japan Rev 1) 21mhz SuperFXSNESComplete17 Dec 2021
Starwing (Euro Rev 1) 21mhz SuperFX SpeedSNESComplete17 Dec 2021
Starfox 2 - Wireframe ModeSNESComplete09 Dec 2021
Star Fox Super FX 21 MHz Mode (Non-FastROM)SNESImprovement10 Dec 2021
Star Fox - Scored EditionSNESImprovement28 Jun 2021
Star Fox Exploration ShowcaseSNESComplete09 Aug 2021


6 Hacks
Star Fox 64-Style HUDHackingHacking help, code
Star Fox - Mouse ModeHackingASM Programmer
Star Fox - Wireframe ModeHackingASM code
Star Fox Super FX 21 MHz Mode (Non-FastROM)Hacking
Star Fox Exploration ShowcaseHackingPrimary ASM coder and developer
Star Fox - Scored EditionHacking