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15 Translations
Binary Land (RU)NESFully Playable02 Apr 2021
Clu Clu Land (RU)NESFully Playable01 Feb 2021
Karnov (RU)NESFully Playable21 Jan 2021
Volleyball (RU)NESFully Playable18 Jan 2021
Super Mario Bros. 3 (RU)NESFully Playable07 Jan 2021
A Week of Garfield (RU)NESFully Playable29 Dec 2020
Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 2: Karakuri Land (RU)NESFully Playable22 Dec 2020
Amagon (RU)NESFully Playable08 Dec 2020
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (RU)NESFully Playable05 Dec 2020
Kung Fu (RU)NESFully Playable19 Nov 2020

7 Hacks
Deja Vu - UncensoredNESImprovement15 Apr 2021
Mappy Patrick St.'s Day EditionNESComplete16 Mar 2021
BurgerTime RedrawnNESImprovement11 Feb 2021
Pac-Man Xmas EditionNESComplete28 Nov 2020
Paperboy NES - Palette ImprovementNESImprovement22 Oct 2020
Pac-Man Halloween EditionNESImprovement12 Oct 2020
Prince of Persia No Full-screen FlashesNESImprovement01 Oct 2020