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5 Hacks
SMW Redrawn 2022SNESImprovement23 Apr 2022
SMW Autosave + Disable 2 Players + DKCR Status BarSNESImprovement06 Dec 2021
SMW Expanded to 4MB ROMSNESImprovement29 Oct 2021
SMB2J 7 Stars HackFDSImprovement12 Nov 2021
SMB2J FDS-to-NES MMC3 Super HackFDSImprovement02 May 2021


6 Hacks
SMW Redrawn 2022HackingCombine 3 patches in this hack
SMW Autosave + Disable 2 Players + DKCR Status BarHackingASM Hacking
SMB2J 7 Stars HackOriginal HackingImprovement to 7 Stars in Title Bar.
SMW Expanded to 4MB ROMHackingExpanding ROM Hack
SMB2J FDS-to-NES MMC3 Super HackHackingGraphics and Hex Modify
SMAS Improvement HackHackingCreator of the SMAS Improvement Hack