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Garrett Gilchrist



Writer. Filmmaker. Artist for hire. Animator. Director, Shamelessly She-Hulk. Film Restorationist: The Thief and the Cobbler Recobbled Cut, Super Mario Bros (1993) Morton Jankel Cut, Henson Rarities Archive.



10 Hacks
Pikachu GardmanNESImprovement12 Sep 2022
Excalibur 2: Get Even with DragonNESComplete06 Aug 2022
Among Us : The Tragedy of RyohyukanNESImprovement13 Sep 2022
Raggedy Land with Ann and AndyNESComplete21 Jul 2022
The Thief and the Cobbler SMB2NESComplete17 Aug 2022
Inspector GadgetNESImprovement16 Jul 2022
Bomber Man 83: Eric and the FloatersNESImprovement13 May 2022
Della DucktalesNESComplete23 Apr 2022
Lee Carvallo's Putting ChallengeNESComplete11 Mar 2022
Elvira's Monster PartyNESComplete21 Jul 2022


12 Hacks
Pikachu GardmanHackingGeneral ROMhacking
F-RIS (Tetris) Family BASICGraphicsAdditional graphics and demo preservation
Woodcutter Yosaku Family Basic DemoGraphicsGraphics and demo transcription/recreation
Excalibur 2: Get Even with DragonHackingGraphics, BASIC code transcription and preservation, and general ROMhacking
Among Us : The Tragedy of RyohyukanGraphicsGraphics and general ROMhacking
Raggedy Land with Ann and AndyGraphicsGraphics and general ROMhacking
The Thief and the Cobbler SMB2GraphicsGraphics and ROMhacking
Inspector GadgetGraphicsNES ROMhacking and graphics
Bomber Man 83: Eric and the FloatersGraphicsGraphics and hacking
Della DucktalesGraphicsGraphics and ROMhacking