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Translation Quest



Translation Quest began as a messenger group chat among friends in 2018 and evolved into a dedicated and fruitful translation collaborative. Our focus so far has been on restoring / improving / re-translating various games in the Dragon Quest franchise, and we are actively expanding into giving games in other franchises similar treatment. We are perfectionists, and to the extent of our abilities, we produce new translations of games we love in a manner that has both literary quality and as much faithfulness to the original Japanese as reasonably possible.

Translation Quest is comprised of the following members:

Nejimakipiyo spearheads the actual translation process with all of our projects, producing reliable foundations for what are eventually shaped into the resulting scripts. They have worked extensively and on a paid basis with translating Japanese articles and song lyrics, and have spent time living and teaching in Japan. In addition to the translation work, they have remained intimately involved in the quality control and refinement processes with all of our projects. Nejimakipiyo began to dabble in hacking after taking the technical lead on our Dragon Warrior Monsters project.

Dattebayo is our invaluable translation consultant. He is a native Japanese person who spent half his life living in Japan and half his life in the United States. This makes him ideally prepared to handle some of the more demanding translation problems that we encounter. Dattebayo is also a life-long fan of the Dragon Quest series, who grew up playing the original games on obsessively as a child. His expression of intense disappointment with the official English localizations was essentially the catalyst of our work.

Chicken Knife started this all off by nagging various people on RHDN to decensor the Dragon Warrior games until he was eventually persuaded to attempt it himself. With a ton of mentoring by abw in particular, some cool things have been accomplished. Chicken Knife has taken the lead with the technical work on our projects for the main Dragon Quest series, along with contributing pixel art when needed. He has a lead role in the writing process for all of our retranslations, essentially taking rough drafts prepared with a formal equivalency style and reshaping the language in a dynamic manner that is natural, fluid and poetic.

The Translation Quest team hopes that you enjoy their work, and they are always appreciative of constructive feedback.



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Dragon Quest: DelocalizedNESImprovement01 Jul 2022
Dragon Quest II: DelocalizedNESImprovement01 Jul 2022