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5 Hacks
VRC7-ManNESImprovement20 Dec 2021
Syobon Action JAMNESComplete24 Aug 2021
Sunsoft Mario.NESImprovement30 Jan 2021
Super Mario Bros. VRC6 expandedNESImprovement22 Dec 2020
Luigi's TurnNESComplete12 Jul 2020


9 Hacks
Sonic in SMB1HackingCreated the power-up patch used for the hack
VRC7-ManHackingASM work & Music
Syobon Action JAMHackingPrimary hacking
Sunsoft Mario.HackingPrimary hacking
Super Mario Bros. VRC6 expandedOriginal HackingPrimary hacking
Super Mario Bros. RespritedMusicHelped with music, and Title Screen BGM.
Super Mario Bros. 5: The Missing StagesHackingTitle screen
Luigi's TurnHackingPrimary hacking
The Desert TripHacking