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Final Fantasy megafan who got into FF6 hacking for a My Little Pony project, and now sparsely does other hacks on the side.

Primarily a content creator for Final Fantasy on YouTube and Twitch.



8 Hacks
Figaro Guard BugfixSNESBug Fix26 May 2022
Imperial Camp Dialogue BugfixSNESBug Fix07 May 2022
Dragons' ShrineSNESImprovement16 Jun 2022
Jester Suit - dress like KefkaSNESImprovement28 May 2020
Edgar's BazookaSNESImprovement12 Dec 2020
General Leo RedoneSNESImprovement04 Apr 2022
More Frequent Desperation AttacksSNESImprovement18 May 2020
Filly Fantasy VISNESComplete10 Oct 2021