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I specialize in Console Doom hacks. Have fun with these.

Proud creator of Doom 32x Delta (Even John Romero likes it!)



16 Hacks
METROID: Fused FacilityNESComplete26 Apr 2023
Mega Man: Dr.Wily's Birthday Surprise!GBComplete10 Apr 2023
Silver Sonic: Rise of the Death EggSMSComplete10 Oct 2022
Silver Sonic: The RevengeGENComplete11 Oct 2021
Metroid BlueNESComplete06 Jan 2023
Cybie's Basics in Torture and GibbingSNESComplete19 Sep 2022
FINAL FANTASY: Age of WarMECHNESComplete15 Apr 2022
Metroid: Operation ExecutionGBAComplete15 Nov 2021
Silver Sonic in Sonic 1GENImprovement29 Jul 2021
YTP Doom: AdvanceGBAComplete03 Mar 2021


15 Hacks
METROID: Fused FacilityHackingPretty much everything aside from music.
Mega Man: Dr.Wily's Birthday Surprise!HackingEverything.
Silver Sonic: Rise of the Death EggHackingAll the level design, all of the graphics design, all of everything not specified otherwise.
Silver Sonic: The RevengeHackingPrimary hacking like usual. Basically everything that Lesha didn't do.
Metroid BlueLevelsBasically everything like usual.
Cybie's Basics in Torture and GibbingHackingHacking
FINAL FANTASY: Age of WarMECHHackingEverything. I have done everything.
Metroid: Operation ExecutionHackingLevel design, map design, enemy design, amost everything design, hex editing, graphic editing, etc.
Silver Sonic in Sonic 1HackingCreating new sprites from the original incomplete spritesheet, and implementing them.
YTP Doom: AdvanceGraphicsPorted all the original textures, made some new ones and overall led the development of the hack.