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7 Hacks
Ocarina of Time - Play as a Dragon!N64Complete08 Feb 2020
Super Mario 64 - Play as a Dragon!N64Complete06 Jan 2020
Super Mario 64 LandN64Complete16 Dec 2021
Ocarina of Time - Chaos EditionN64Improvement02 Mar 2015
SM64: Last ImpactN64Complete30 Sep 2016
Super Mario Star Road (EverDrive Edition)N64Addendum21 Aug 2019
The Legend of Zelda: The Missing LinkN64Complete30 Jul 2021


9 Hacks
Super Mario 64 LandOriginal Hacking
DK64 - Tag AnywhereHackingTag anywhere implementation
The Legend of Zelda: The Missing LinkHackingGame planning, direction, and code
Star Fox 64: SurvivalHacking
Ocarina of Time - Play as a Dragon!HackingCommissioned from Kaze Emanuar
Super Mario 64 - Play as a Dragon!HackingPrimary hacking and model import
Super Mario Star Road (EverDrive Edition)Hacking
SM64: Last ImpactHacking
Ocarina of Time - Chaos EditionOriginal HackingEntire Hack